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LGHL Ohio State to receive visit from best defensive prospect

Dan Hessler

Ohio State to receive visit from best defensive prospect
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The best linebacker in 2017 will make a visit to Ohio State on the day they play that school up North

Five-Star LB Dylan Moses sets Ohio State visit

Urban Meyer has accumulated the No. 1 recruiting class for 2017, as it stands today. This years recruiting class could be historically great, as it consists of only blue chip prospects, and it could get even better.

Late Monday evening, the country's best defensive prospect announced the date for his official visit to Ohio State. Outside linebacker Dylan Moses (Bradenton, FL / IMG Academy) is seen as the No. 2 overall recruit behind Alabama running back commit Najee Harris (Antioch, CA / Antioch) and holds offers from every major college football program in the country.

The five-star LB will be in attendance for the Ohio State-Michigan game on Nov. 26, and it will be the last of five official visits he announced via Twitter. Moses has hinted at an official visit to Buckeye Nation for a while now, but Monday's announcement confirms the Buckeyes are a real contender for his services.

THE Official Fall '16 Tour pic.twitter.com/plkSQ2UBCg

— King Ⓜ️oses (@Dylan1Moses_) June 28, 2016

Moses has longtime been predicted to choose LSU, as he is a native of Baton Rouge and was one time committed to the program. The Tigers will remain in the running for his services until the end, despite the school being left off the list. In addition to Ohio State and LSU, Alabama, Miami (FL) and Texas are part of the tour stops for Moses.

Meyer and the Buckeyes will have a great chance to make a lasting impression on the elite talent. While this will be the first time to Ohio State for Moses, the Buckeyes have made themselves comfortable in Bradenton, as two of his current teammates Isaiah Pryor and Marcus Williamson have both committed to the Buckeyes.

Five-star WR's talk Ohio State

For the next two weeks or so, college football coaches will not be able to make contact with recruits. The dead period limits coaches from having any sort of contact with recruits, with the only exceptions being written and electronic communication.

However, the Ohio State football program still has a member of its program recruiting top talents this week. Recent five-star QB commit Tate Martell (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman) is doing his best to pick up the slack – and he is getting off to a quick start.

Monday afternoon, the aforementioned No. 1 dual-threat QB in the 2017 class worked out with five-star WR and Buckeye target Tyjon Lindsey (Corona, CA / Centennial). The two were former teammates before Lindsey packed his bags for The Golden State and the duo sounds like they may be reuniting in the near future.

Join me and @TheTateMartell TODAY @4pm if you're in LAS VEGAS to get this work! LIKE THE OLD DAYS lets keep this duo together maybe..

— Tyjon A. Lindsey ® (@tyjonlindsey) June 27, 2016

I think we should keep the duo together... What do you think #BuckeyeNation? https://t.co/gM8SqCaisY

— Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) June 27, 2016

Ohio State currently boasts the top recruiting class in the country for 2017 but the class lacks a commitment from any wide-outs. The football staff seems to have three targets at the position locked in, and hopes to land at least two of them.

Another WR on Ohio State's big board is five-star Donovan Peoples-Jones (Detroit, MI / Cass Technical). Peoples-Jones is arguably the top-rated WR in the class, and to take him out of Michigan's backyard would make the commitment even better for Ohio State.

On Monday, People-Jones decided to have some fun and play a game. He mentioned that he put multiple schools on pieces of paper and threw them into a hat, and shook it until a college came out.

So I just put about 10+ schools, written on a piece of paper, in a hat. Shook the hat until one fell out, opened it: And it was OHIO STATE

— Donovan P. Jones (@dpeoplesjones) June 27, 2016

Looks like a good omen for Ohio State. The game means little in the five-star's recruitment, but it is fun to see the Buckeyes gain ground any way possible.

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