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LGHL Ohio State spring game excites standout prospects

Charles Doss

Ohio State spring game excites standout prospects
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


A packed Horseshoe saw a glimpse of what the future had to offer for Ohio State. Recruits saw the same thing and sounded off on their experience at the spring game.

Who says no one cares about spring games? Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather, over 100,000 screaming Ohio State fans gathered inside Ohio Stadium for the Buckeyes spring game on Saturday. Of those who made it to campus to see what J.T. Barrett and this year's crop of Buckeyes had to offer, were a large group of talented high school prospects.

Playing host to well over 20 future and potential Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and crew definitely left an indelible mark on a number class of 2017 and 2018 prospects on hand Saturday afternoon.

With all the excitement surrounded around the game, Land-Grant Holy Land caught up with the following prospects and had them break down their Ohio State spring game experience:

Future Buckeye DB Jahsen Wint

"The spring game was more than amazing, and to see 100,000 fans and to get so much love was amazing. I got the chance to hangout with all my future teammates. I can't wait to get up here."

2017 DL Darius Stills

"The spring game was breath taking. I've never been anywhere so big in my life. The game was amazing. The people were nice and the atmosphere was breath taking also. I've never been anywhere where there was 100,000 people before to watch a football game. I talked to coach Larry Johnson in his office and he told me what he thought about my film. He said I was raw and I had the talent to play for him and he's coming down to see me in two weeks. An offer from OSU would mean so much to me because so many people doubt me. It would mean the world to me because it would show the hard work is actually paying off for me."

2018 DL Dante Stills

"The spring game was amazing. The fans were awesome. 100,000 people? That's awesome. We were at the practice facility and that was beautiful too. I had a chance to speak with coach Larry Johnson and he was happy to see me there and said he will come see me in a couple of weeks."

2018 DT Aeneas Hawkins

"It was great. I had a chance to run into Sam Hubbard, who played at my school (Cincinnati Moeller). I also met some of the talent from my area, The game was good though. The fans were impressive. The thing that stood out the most was the Buckeyes coaching staff. They were all very honest and welcoming. I look forward to talking with them again soon. I had meetings with Coach Coombs, Coach Johnson and Coach Meyer. They all liked my film and they want me to be a Buckeye. That being said, they told me that they're going to go about this process the right way and build a relationship with me. I'll take more visits, and they'll be down to the school to see me. It went very well."

2018 LB Christopher Oats

"It was great. I got to see how the OSU coaches relate to the players and how they really like to compete. (I talked to) Coach Fickell and Coach Coombs. They said they like the way I run and how I play the game. They want me here for the camps."

2018 DE Alex Reigelsperger

"It was great. I love OSU and anytime I get to get up there, everyone's always like family. I got to talk to some coaches and even more coaches than before. I got to talk and recap some with Robert Landers, who also went to Wayne. So I love it up there. I talked to Coach Hinton, Johnson, and a couple of new coaches, but I can't remember their names. They all said they love me and the way I play and to just be patient."

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