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tBBC Ohio State Spring Game: A Brief Thought


Ohio State Spring Game: A Brief Thought
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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“nihil sub sole novum”

There is “nothing new under the sun”. At least that’s the Latin translation of a Hebrew phrase from at Ecclesiastes 1:9. How does this apply to Ohio State’s Spring Game? Stay with me…

So, the Ohio State offensive line probably didn’t impress that many people with their play during the Spring Game, certainly not in terms of running game and pass protection performance. This is not surprising because:

  • The rosters are typically “split”: the pool of offensive linemen are assigned to each squad, regardless if they were a starter on the previous year’s team. There is no “No. 1 offensive unit” taking the field. The five linemen on the field at any given time may not be on the field together again for the rest of their careers at Ohio State.
  • The two returning starters from last year’s squad, Pat Elflein and Billy Price did not suit up for the game. So, aside from the position group being split between the two squads, the two returning starters from last season did not play. Since, I feel, that competent offensive line play is (mostly) dependent on player communication and familiarity with one another, not having an experienced player on either squad hampered the overall performance. Yes, these players that did line up next to one another probably did have quite a few practice reps together, but they probably missed the “glue” of having a starter beside you.
  • Early in the season, it’s not unusual for defenses to be ahead of offenses. By “ahead”, I mean “executing your assignments” at a player/position group level. Although defensive players have their formation assignments/calls, defense is by nature more instinctual than offensive play. There is a certain / significant amount of time that is required to develop the timing / choreography / communication that leads to efficient offensive play.

So, don’t ever get your hopes up for blistering offensive performances at Spring Games. With this year’s team? They have until September 3rd to figure it out…

“nihil sub sole novum”

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