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LGHL Ohio State sends offer to 4-star Alabama commit

Dan Hessler

Ohio State sends offer to 4-star Alabama commit
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Recruiting never stops at Ohio State, as the staff is already building on the 2018 class.

Buckeyes offer 4-star Alabama commit

Urban Meyer has become notorious for being able to poach talented recruits from some of the best programs in the country. His most recent attempt however, may prove to be the most difficult.

Monday afternoon, 247Sports reported that Malcolm Epps (Houston, Texas / Dekaney) received a scholarship offer from Ohio State, despite being committed to Alabama. The four-star TE committed to the Crimson Tide a little more than two months ago, and up until this point his recruitment wasn't in question.

However, Epps told 247Sports that Ohio State was one of his "dream schools," while growing up, along with Oregon and UCLA. The No. 4 rated TE of the 2018 class still has two more years of high school before he has to make a decision, but expect both Ohio State and Alabama to continue to recruit him heavily.

Epps is seen as one of the best prospects of his class. The 6 foot 6 inch, 214-pounder has been able to show play-making abilities already, which has allowed him to stand out among his peers. He has shown the strength to get through linebackers but he also possesses enough speed and athleticism to run with safeties.

Ohio State currently has no commits at TE in the 2017 class. If this doesn't change by National Signing Day 2017, expect Meyer and the Buckeyes to go all in on Epps, as he excels as both a blocking and catching TE. In his interview with 247Sports, he mentioned that he was going to be scheduling a visit to Columbus, so look for the coaching staff to get him on campus sooner rather than later.

Buckeyes offer 4-star WR

Ohio State assistant coach, Kerry Coombs, tweeted out Monday morning that he was going to be in South Florida and made it known that he was looking towards the future for Ohio State.

Planting the flag all over South Florida today! #tonsoftalentpracticingdownheretoday #lookingforthe12membersofthedraftclassof2021! #GoBucks

— Kerry Coombs (@OsuCoachCoombs) May 2, 2016

While Coombs was in Florida, the Buckeyes sent out the second scholarship of the day to an elite 2018 prospect. Elijah Moore (Fort Lauderdale, Fla. / St. Thomas Aquinas) is a four-star WR and plays football for a program associated with many current, former and future Buckeyes.

Moore is currently seen as the ninth best receiver in his class, according to 247Sports, and has seen an influx in schools interested in his talents. Along with the Buckeyes, Moore received an offer from Auburn yesterday. Ohio State and the Tigers join Alabama, Miami, Mississippi State and Tennessee as programs that have offered Moore in the last three months.

Miami, is currently seen as the favorite, as he took two visits to the school in April. Moore has yet to visit any other school at this point in his recruitment process and still has two years of high school left before he plays college football. Look for Moore's recruitment to gain much more momentum as he enters his senior year.

The move also caught the eye of one of Ohio State's most important targets for the 2017 class, in five-star WR Trevon Grimes (Fort Lauderdale, Fla. / St. Thomas Aquinas).

My young Bull !!!! Show him some love #BuckeyeNation ❕ https://t.co/vsibzGVP4D

— GrimeTime™ (@TrevonGrimes7) May 2, 2016

Ohio State one of top 3 schools for a 4-star ATH

Class of 2018 ATH, Jermaine Eskridge (Tampa, Fla. / Jefferson), announced his list of top ten schools, in order, yesterday on Twitter. The four-star athlete already holds scholarship offers from 33 different schools, and he is only a sophomore in high school. Luckily for the Buckeyes, the team landed in the top three of his list of 10.

Top 10 schools pic.twitter.com/RpDJTEWFP0

— EJ2 (@Iam_Jermaine4) May 2, 2016

Early on in his recruitment, Eskridge was committed to Kentucky. However, after offers started pouring in, the 6 foot 3 inch, 180-pounder decided to decommit from the program late last year.

Ohio State follows North Carolina and Miami on the wide-receiver's list, and tops hometown schools Florida and Florida State, with Alabama closely behind. Eskridge's recruitment will be one to follow, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him gain a fifth star by multiple recruiting databases by the time everything is said and done.

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