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LGHL Ohio State sends offer, looks to pull QB from heart of Oklahoma

Austin Kemp

Ohio State sends offer, looks to pull QB from heart of Oklahoma
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State has offered 2018 QB Casey Thompson a chance to be part of Buckeye Nation

The Ohio State coaching staff has all hands on deck on the recruiting trail at this time of year. Summer workouts have just started up and from now until fall camp, it will be prime recruiting season. Ohio State is sitting pretty for the class of 2017 and is now building on what could another elite class in 2018.

Ohio State sent out an offer to 2018 quarterback Casey Thompson (Moore, Okla. / Southmoore) late on Tuesday. Thompson is one of the most heralded QBs in his class. A four-star prospect according to 247Sports, Thompson currently holds 14 offers from some of the biggest programs in the country.

For the Buckeyes, 2018 QB recruiting is looking like it will be interesting. Top target Phil Jurkovec (Gibsonoia, Penn. / Pine-Richland) gave a commitment to Notre Dame on Monday, while Emory Jones (Franklin, Ga. / Heard County) is looking to be trending in Ohio State's direction.

The offer to Thompson shows that Ohio State is casting a net over the top prospects on their board and seeing who bites first. It's almost certain that the Buckeyes will be taking one QB in 2018. For Thompson, Oklahoma looks like the early favorite, but Ohio State will jump into a position of power. He has legit interest in the Buckeyes. If Thompson makes a visit to Columbus this summer, it'll show that Ohio State is a major player going forward.

I’m told #Buckeyes have just offered @GoSouthmooreFB, #OKPreps 2018 QB Casey Thompson (@LilThurm). @MarcGivlerBG @Kevin_Noon

— Josh McCuistion (@JLMcCuistion) May 18, 2016

Long-time 2017 commit Josh Myers (Miamisburg, Ohio / Miamisburg) is still a unanimous five-star prospect and still rated the No.1 offensive tackle in his class. At 6 feet 6 inches and 306 pounds, Myers has potential to get even bigger before arriving in Columbus. When he's finally in a college weight room program, Myers will no doubt develop into one of the most physical specimens on campus. Here's a video of Myers throwing up some serious weight in his high school's weight room.

Twitter Video. -- Josh is a beast!! We are all so proud of him. #OSU #GoBuckeyes #Burgfootball #OhioState https://t.co/k5mNsx8kSH

— Doug Brown (@touchdownburg) May 17, 2016

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