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LGHL Ohio State S Tyvis Powell will take his knack for the dramatic to the Seattle Seahawks, per...

Grant Freking

Ohio State S Tyvis Powell will take his knack for the dramatic to the Seattle Seahawks, per reports
Grant Freking
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State's longtime strong safety is the latest Silver Bullet to be drafted.

Tyvis Powell will take his big-play game to the Seattle Seahawks as un UDFA, according to multiple reports. Powell was projected to get drafted by many experts, but he slipped despite a productive career at Ohio State. It didn't take long before he found a home with one of the best franchises in the NFL, though.

At Ohio State, Powell appeared in 42 games from 2013-15 and started every game over the past two seasons. Powell's career statistics don't jump off the page, but the redshirt junior often inserted himself into the limelight in some of the Buckeyes' most prominent games during his career, with those moments including the game-sealing interception of a two-point attempt at Michigan in 2013 and the game-ending interception against Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl. Powell was also named the Defensive MVP of the 2015 College Football Playoff title game after notching a game-best nine tackles.

The 6'3, 211-pound Powell had a solid but unspectacular showing at the NFL Combine, confirming his status as a mid-round pick. While Powell's ball skills are evident, his ability to hold up in the run game was a concern for evaluators. Unfortunately for Powell, his skill set seems to put him between a pure free safety and a pure strong safety.

Get to know Tyvis:

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