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LGHL Ohio State remains No. 4 in latest Coaches Poll

Harry Lyles Jr.

Ohio State remains No. 4 in latest Coaches Poll
Harry Lyles Jr.
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Nothing new here.

The Ohio State Buckeyes moved to 2-0 on the young college football season Saturday afternoon, after a 48-3 win over Tulsa that was delayed at halftime due to inclement weather. The win, combined with wins by the top three teams in the Coaches Poll had the Buckeyes keeping their spot at No. 4.

The Buckeyes started off the game slow, but the defense had a very strong second quarter, scoring two touchdowns in two and a half minutes to give them the breathing room heading into halftime. After the delay, the offense found life, and the Buckeyes won more than comfortably.

The Buckeyes will be facing the Oklahoma Sooners this upcoming week in their biggest non-conference game of the season. Hopefully the first two games have served as a good warmup until their trek to Norman.

Your complete Amway Coaches Poll:

1 Alabama
2 Florida State
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
5 Michigan
6 Stanford
7 Houston
8 Michigan State
9 Washington
10 Louisville
11 Iowa
12 Wisconsin
13 Georgia
14 Oklahoma
15 Tennessee
16 Texas
17 Mississippi
18 Notre Dame
19 Baylor
20 Texas A&M
21 Oregon
22 Louisiana State
23 Florida
24 Arkansas
25 Miami

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