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LGHL Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Buckeyes, Urban Meyer have chance to impress 2 recruits

Dan Hessler

Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Buckeyes, Urban Meyer have chance to impress 2 recruits
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State will get visits from two 3-star recruits just weeks before National Signing Day. Will they be able to make the most of it?

Becker to visit OSU, 4 others

Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes are going to have a chance to make a big last impression on a three-star DB in late January. Carlos Becker is set to take an official visit to Columbus on January 22, according to 247Sports, just less than two weeks before National Signing Day.

Currently, Becker's top schools are Florida State, NC State, Kentucky, Ole Miss and the Buckeyes. Along with Ohio State, Becker is slated to visit three more of those schools in January. Prior to visiting the Buckeyes, he will stay in his home state for a visit to Florida State. He is set to visit Kentucky on the same day as his Ohio State visit and will take one final look at Ole Miss a week later. It is safe to say Becker will have a busy start to 2016.

Becker is a large and physical DB, able to hold his own against big WRs. Standing at 6'2, 185 lbs., he also has the speed and awareness to stick with the receiver in coverage. He has quick hands, allowing him to break up passes and has had an excellent senior season. He will be a participant in this year's Under Armour Game, and with a big showing, he should easily raise his stock.

Ohio State may not have the best odds in recruiting Becker, but there has to be some interest. The Buckeyes could lose multiple starters in the secondary after this season, including Eli Apple and Vonn Bell, making the recruitment of Becker that much more important.

Morris to visit Buckeyes, Notre Dame

With just four days until the Buckeyes suit up to take on Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, the two schools may also be battling for a three-star ATH. Jonah Morris is scheduled to take an official visit to the Buckeyes January 16, according to 247Sports, and will be taking one to Notre Dame less than a week later.

The Buckeyes could get a little bit of help in the recruitment of Morris, as two of his current teammates are Ohio State commits. Both Danny Clark and Todd Sibley are committed to the Buckeyes, and the in-state product should feel right at home in Columbus.

Morris, who lined up at both OLB and WR for Archbishop Hoban, helped lead the Knights to a state championship this past season. The one-time Michigan State commit is being recruited by Ohio State's WR coach, Zach Smith, so chances are they are recruiting him as a WR. Given a lack of OLB recruits in the 2016 class, there could be opportunities for Morris to play on both sides of the ball. Being 6'4, 196 lbs., Morris was able to make plays in his senior season on both offense and defense, catching multiple touchdowns and forcing multiple turnovers.

Parting Shots

  • Two four-star commits have put it in ink that they will join the Buckeyes after they graduate high school. Both 2017 QB Danny Clark, and 2016 TE Kierre Hawkins, showed off their ink over Twitter. It is safe to say their commitments are pretty much permanent.

Block 4Life pic.twitter.com/gyOboW3Uzz

— Kierre HAWKINS (@HumbleKing16) December 28, 2015

@HumbleKing16 nice ink bro! Here's mine. Buckeyes for life! pic.twitter.com/NbDbcAnuxT

— Just The Prototype (@DClarkQB) December 28, 2015

  • Buckeye four-star 2016 WR target, Binjimen Victor, told SFHighSchoolSports.com that he would be making his decision at the end of January. While this is isn't too shocking considering NSD is February 4, it does mean the coming month will be crucial in his recruitment. He has visits scheduled for Tennessee and Florida still remaining, Ohio State is still deeply involved in his recruitment process.

.@BinjimenVictor: "I have 2 official visits left - Tennessee & Florida. I'm listening to everyone I'll make my decision at the end of Jan."

— SFHSSports (@SFHSSports) December 29, 2015

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