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LGHL Ohio State recruiting: Shayne Simon has great visit at OSU

Austin Kemp

Ohio State recruiting: Shayne Simon has great visit at OSU
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The 2018 safety visited Ohio State last weekend. It went well. Now, where do the Bucks stand?

With the spring game quickly approaching, more and more prospects will be making their way to Columbus for a spring visit. Spring recruiting is one of the busiest times of year as the staff is fully entrenched in the 2017 class, but it provides a nice time to get a jump start on 2018.

Class of 2018 safety prospect Shayne Simon was in Columbus last weekend, and reportedly had a great visit while on campus. From New Jersey, Simon is an intriguing prospect at 6 feet 3 inches tall, and 195 pounds. He moves well enough in space to be effective in the pass game, but also triggers to the ball in run support.

Simon, though he hasn't been evaluated by most recruiting services, holds one offer as it stands now – Boston College. In addition to visiting Ohio State, he has also been on campus at Michigan and Michigan State within the last week. In order to catch Ohio State's full attention, Simon will need to report back to Ohio for camps over the next year or so. It would also help his stock to have huge junior and senior seasons. Still, it's very early in this recruiting process and Ohio State will want to see Simon as much as possible before coming to a conclusion on if the kid is worth a shot.

2018 S @SimonShayne has "great visit" to #OhioState https://t.co/yxkvuB1Rvp (VIP) pic.twitter.com/HD7qJ1nlFE

— Alex Gleitman (@alexgleitman) April 5, 2016

Who is OSU's next commit?

With limited spots left in the 2017 class, Ohio State can afford to be extremely picky when filling out the rest of it. There's tons of top talent out there who have the Buckeyes at or near the top of their list. Who will be the next commit though?

Well, two wide receivers, Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris, have a chance to hop in the class at any time. Could be today, over summer, or on National Signing Day of next year. Again, Ohio State seemingly has a large lead for both of those prospects.

Instead, we'll focus our attention on defensive back Amir Riep. Riep, from Cincinnati, has seen his interest in Ohio State grow substantially over the last few months. Ohio State is believed to be his leader, and he's a guy that could be next to jump into the 2017 class. Riep is currently the 14th rated cornerback in his class.

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