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LGHL Ohio State recruit Tate Martell one of 2016 Elite 11 QBs invited to big time Nike camp

  • Thread starter Luke Zimmermann
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Luke Zimmermann

Ohio State recruit Tate Martell one of 2016 Elite 11 QBs invited to big time Nike camp
Luke Zimmermann
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


A prospective Buckeye's headed to most exclusive quarterback camp on the planet.

Though no current Buckeye quarterback commit was lucky enough to be invited to the Elite 11's finale at The Opening, Nike's, well, elite quarterbacking camp that takes place in the Portland area each July, one prospective Buckeye did make the cut.

Having recently trimmed his finalists to five, Bishop Gorman (NV) quarterback Tate Martell was named one of the final 12 quarterbacks with a shot to make this year's final Elite 11. A five-star signal caller from the Las Vegas area, Ohio State is currently projected as the front runner for Martell's services on the 247Sports Crystal Ball. The Bucks unsurprisingly survived Martell's latest rapid fire round of cuts, first to six schools then as one of five prospective destinations.

The other quarterbacks invited are Chris Robinson (Oklahoma), David Mills (Stanford), Dylan McCaffrey (Michigan), Hunter Johnson (Clemson), Jack Sears (undecided), Jake Fromm (Georgia), Mylse Brennan (LSU), Sam Ehlinger (Texas), Sean Clifford (Penn State), Tommy Devito (Syracuse), and Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama).

The Opening Finals 2016 will be held July 8-July 10 in Beaverton, OR.

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