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LGHL Ohio State offers 4-star from recruiting powerhouse

Austin Kemp

Ohio State offers 4-star from recruiting powerhouse
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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A Bishop Gorman safety has the chance to be a Buckeye.

The Ohio State coaching staff is continuing their efforts to bring in the top class for 2017. With a ton of commitments in the fold, it's expected that the Buckeyes will have about five spots left. There are a few names that Ohio State leads for, but there are also a couple "open" spots that the Bucks will attempt to fill between now and February.

A new offer was sent out to 2017 defensive back Bubba Bolden (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman) on Tuesday. Bolden, a four-star prospect, has elite free-safety size at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. Rated as the 11th best prospect at his position, the Buckeye offer took his total count to 20. The question is, how legitimate is the interest on both sides?

Blessed to be offered by The Ohio State Buckeyes This is Bigtime right here! ⚫️ @TheTateMartell @tyjonlindsey pic.twitter.com/CH60b1b4YV

— BUBBA BOLDEN (@BubbBolden) September 6, 2016

First, it looks like Ohio State only has a few spots left in this class and they've already loaded up on defensive backs. That doesn't include five-star Jeffrey Okudah (Grand Prairie, TX / South Grand Prairie), who the Bucks are the definitive favorite for. Right now, Arizona State and USC are thought to be the favorite for the Bishop Gorman star with Bolden possibly being a plan 'B' in case the Shaun Wade (Jacksonville, FL / Trinity Christian Academy) or Okudah situations go south.

However, there is always more attrition that is expected to happen at a program like Ohio State with injuries, transfers and early enrollees. If things break right and a visit happens, Bolden could become a more legitimate target moving forward. Surely, the Buckeyes would make room if a prospect like Bolden wanted in, but right now it looks to be "wait and see" mode between Bolden and Ohio State. Bolden is a top 100 player in the class of 2017 according to 247Sports.

Below is Bolden’s highlight tape. If the Buckeyes do end up with the No.4 player out of the state of Nevada, the addition would bolster already one of the greatest recruiting classes ever assembled.

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