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LGHL Ohio State offers 2017's top defensive tackle, looking to buck a downward trend

Dan Hessler

Ohio State offers 2017's top defensive tackle, looking to buck a downward trend
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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With two top-15 DTs already committed to the Buckeyes in 2017, Ohio State is looking to get even better.

Ohio State continues to impress with its 2017 recruiting class. Day in and day out, it seems that Urban Meyer and the rest of the Buckeye recruiting staff continue to build on the already top-rated class. In recent years, one of the few positions Ohio State has struggled to recruit has been the defensive tackle spot. In last year's class, the Buckeyes missed on both Rashard Lawrence and Antwuan Jackson. Both were considered to be at the top of their position and both had Ohio State in their list of final schools. As fate would have it, the class of 2016 has been officially been completed, and neither will be playing in Columbus.

Things have been going much differently for Ohio State this time around, however. The Buckeyes have already earned verbal commitments from two top-15 DTs in Jerron Cage and Haskell Garrett. Cage, who committed to Ohio State in the summer of 2015, is viewed as the No. 14 DT, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. Garrett, whose commitment came as a surprise to most, after committing to the Buckeyes without ever visiting, is looked at as the No. 4 DT of '17.

However, as mentioned above, Meyer and Co. never stop building on this already elite class. On Monday, the Buckeyes presented a scholarship offer to the No. 1 DT of the class, Marvin Wilson. Theoretically, there is still a lot of time before recruits make an official decision on where they want to play, but when it comes to a five-star recruit, who is the best at his position and is looked at as a top-five player of his class, you want the recruiting process to start as soon as possible.

This line of thinking would lead one to believe that the Buckeyes are late on the Wilson bandwagon and the chances of landing his services aren't ideal. The logic there is solid, but wrong. It seems as though the Buckeyes have quickly become a contender in Wilson's recruitment, as apparently he was ready to commit to Ohio State two years ago.

Blessed to be offered by THE OHIO STATE #shhh pic.twitter.com/cCFIkYIu47

— HOLLYWOOD MARV (@RDMW6) March 14, 2016

Wilson spoke with Eleven Warriors, and brought up an Ohio State visit during his freshman year and he said that if he had received an offer during the visit, he would have committed then and there. Wilson, who has yet to visit Columbus, will likely visit this year, and it wouldn't be surprising to see a visit scheduled in the next month or so if the interest is as high as it seems.

OSU on shortlist for a 4-star OT

It has yet to be officially established just how many recruits Ohio State is looking to gain this year. What can be determined is that there cannot be much more room. The Buckeyes already have 13 verbal commitments, including two five-stars, 10 four-stars, and the class's best kicker.

Robert Hainsey is a four-star OT out of IMG Academy in Florida, an institution that has been kind to Ohio State as of late, and could continue to be. Hainsey seems to be destined to play in the Big Ten. His top suitors have been Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State. He recently spoke with Scout.com on his commitment, and he mentioned he will be taking visits to all four of the aforementioned schools this spring, along with Pitt.

The Buckeyes already have two verbal commitments from top-15 OTs in the 2017 class, including five-star Josh Myers, who is viewed as the best at his position. However, you can never have enough big men up front protecting the QB, and with the team losing all but one starter up front after last season, younger guys should see some early playing time.

Hainsey has not yet reached a list of top schools, but does see himself playing in the Big Ten, as he is originally from Pennsylvania.

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