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LGHL Ohio State offer excites standout 2018 prospect

Charles Doss

Ohio State offer excites standout 2018 prospect
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Buckeyes have the inside track on one of the best defensive tackles in the country.

Even though the Ohio State coaching staff is fully invested in adding another solid group of future Buckeyes in 2017, that doesn't mean they aren't taking the time out to keep up with top 2018 recruits. On Friday afternoon, Urban Meyer personally offered not just one of the most sought-after sophomores in the state of Ohio, he dished out a full ride scholarship opportunity to the second-rated defensive tackle and 20th overall recruit in the country, according to the 247Sports recruiting rankings.

"It feels great to have an offer from OSU," Springfield standout Leonard Taylor told Land-Grant Holy Land over the weekend. "Coach Meyer told me. He was joking like 'we have a good academic program.' Then he was like. 'you have received an offer from Ohio State,'" the 6'6, 260-pound Taylor added on how his Buckeye offer went down.

An Ohio native, Taylor, like many homegrown prospects, knows what it means to pick up an offer from the Buckeyes. With plenty of time left before he signs on the dotted line with a college, Ohio State currently has the inside track over Michigan and many other solid college football programs.

"A lot of teams are going to start looking at me, but it puts OSU at the top of my list. They have a good business program," Taylor said.

Before shutting his recruitment down, Taylor, who will visit Ohio State on the 26th, has a number of things he is searching for in a school.

"How practice goes, how do I feel in the community, would I fit in, and what the coaches are like," he said.

With offers on the table to not just Taylor, but numerous other elite juniors, Ohio State has still yet to receive their first 2018 verbal pledge. Could that soon change? Stay with Land-Grant Holy Land for the latest.

Want to see why programs are trying to add Leonard Taylor to their roster? Check out some of high school highlights, courtesy of Hudl:

2017 DL names leaders

Guess what? Another standout defensive lineman has the Buckeyes among his leaders. On Friday, four-star defensive end Luiji Vilain announced his current list of top schools with Ohio State making the cut.

After strong consideration, the schools with which I will be furthering my recruitment are the following pic.twitter.com/vqi63EMu5F

⭐Luiji Vilain⭐ (@luiji_v) March 19, 2016

Vilain, who is originally from Canada but now suits up for Episcopal in Alexandria, Virginia, cuts his list from over 25 scholarship offers. While the Buckeyes making his top list might not come as a surprise, Ohio State receiving a verbal pledge from the 6'4, 240-pound pass-rusher could be. Last visiting Ohio State for Friday Night Lights last summer, many around the scene at the moment believe Vilain could follow his good friend and former 2016 OSU target Patrice Rene to North Carolina.

Top LB feeling Buckeyes

Ohio State currently holds a verbal commitment from Antjuan Simmons, but that isn't keeping another top rated linebacker from keeping a close eye on the Buckeyes. In a recent interview with Rivals.com, Baron Browning, a four-star prospect and former Baylor pledge from Kennedale, Texas, listed OSU as a team to look out for when it comes to his commitment.

A big fan of OSU assistant coach Luke Fickell, Browning has yet to visit Ohio State, but would like to make the trek from the Lone Star State to Columbus in the near future. Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU, where his father Barry Browning played in the late 1990's, are just a few of the programs trying to actively keep the 6'3, 230-pound, five-star prospect closer to home and out of Ohio.

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