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LGHL Ohio State men’s lacrosse loses a 13-12 heartbreaker against No. 16 Johns Hopkins

Meredith Hein

Ohio State men’s lacrosse loses a 13-12 heartbreaker against No. 16 Johns Hopkins
Meredith Hein
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The game went down to the wire in the Buckeyes’ sixth-straight loss versus a ranked opponent.

In a close-fought battle against yet another ranked opponent, the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s lacrosse team fell to the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays by a score of 13-12 in Baltimore.

Ohio State opened scoring with a goal by attackman Jack Jasinski with 10:56 remaining in the first quarter. Despite two quick goals by the Blue Jays, the Buckeyes tied things back up with 5:46 remaining in the quarter on midfielder Johnny Pearson’s first goal of the day.

In the second quarter, Hopkins would drop two more goals to earn a 4-2 lead before Pearson’s second goal of the day with 10:35 remaining in the half. The Blue Jays answered with two more goals to take their lead to 6-3. After a timeout by the Buckeyes, attackman Colin Chell scored in just 11 seconds of play to draw within two. Less than two minutes later, attackman Carter Brown scored to narrow the deficit to just one with 4:58 remaining in the half. Hopkins would add two more goals in the final two minutes of the half to take an 8-5 lead at the break.

Pearson opened up scoring in the second half with his third goal of the day in a man-up play just nine seconds into the third quarter, but Hopkins would answer with another two goals to bring the score to 10-6 with 10:28 remaining in the third quarter. Despite the Blue Jay’s largest lead of the game, the Buckeyes scored three goals by Pearson, defenseman Chris Mahoney and attackman Eric Fannell in 3:33 of play to bring the game within one score. The teams traded goals for the remainder of the quarter, and Ohio State entered the final 15 minutes down 12-11.

Despite ample opportunities for both teams going to goal, it took nearly 11 minutes for the Blue Jays to score once more, taking a two-goal lead with 4:03 remaining in the game. The Buckeyes scored their final goal of the day on a Brown goal to draw within one with 1:34 left in the quarter, but were not able to tie things up before the end of the game.

Midfielder John Pearson led the Buckeyes with four goals in the game, but it was a big day for senior attackman Carter Brown as he scored his 100th career goal for the Buckeyes. After double-digit performances in recent games, goalie Tom Carey had just seven saves on the day. Midfielder Jake Withers went 17-8 on faceoffs in the match.

The Buckeyes have now fallen to 5-7 on the season, with an 0-2 conference record. Ohio State is scheduled to face Michigan in the eighth iteration of the Showdown in the Shoe prior to football’s spring game next Saturday.

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