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LGHL Ohio State makes an offer to 4-star Athlete

Geoff Hammersley

Ohio State makes an offer to 4-star Athlete
Geoff Hammersley
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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On the same day, Michigan had two decommitments.

Welcome to a special edition of Ohio State recruiting on Land-Grant Holy Land. Typically, you see the recruiting news from Monday thru Friday, however, some big Buckeye offers went out late Thursday and early Friday – as well as a noteworthy decommitment from the Michigan Wolverines.

4-star ATH gets OSU offer

On Friday, Ohio State made an offer in an attempt to get a head start on their 2019 recruiting class. Jordan Whittington (Cuero, TX / Cuero) got the offer to be part of the Zone 6 family. Through Twitter, Whittington let the world know that he picked up another college offer.

VERY blessed and excited to receive my 10th offer from THE Ohio State University #ZONE6 pic.twitter.com/wBz8VQs8at

— Jordan❄Whittington (@J_Whitt3) September 9, 2016

Being from the state of Texas, it’s only natural that the home state programs have shown interest in the 6’1 athlete. Baylor, Houston, TCU and Texas A&M are just some of the programs interested in keeping Whittington inside the Lone Star State. Because he is a 2019, the recruiting rankings aren’t out for the Cuero star, but, if he’s picking up top tier offers this early in his recruitment, then he has to be the real deal.

As time goes on, we’ll see where Whittington will decide to play at the next level.

California Dreamin’

Ohio State also made an offer to four-star outside linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu (Claremont, CA / Claremont). Late Thursday evening, the No. 6 OLB in the 2018 class made the news apparent on Twitter that he had an offer from the scarlet and gray.

Blessed to receive an offer from The Ohio State University ☝ pic.twitter.com/7Rf2Wp8PDZ

— Solomon Tuliaupupu (@nokeakua) September 9, 2016

Right now, the 230-pounder holds a total of 16 offers, according to 247Sports. Some of the notable schools that are looking for the services of Tuliaupupu include: USC, Oregon, Michigan and Notre Dame. Two predictions on the 247Sports crystal ball has the Claremont, Calif. native staying on the West Coast – and attending USC.

We’ll have more on Tuliaupupu’s recruitment as the news develops.

4-star ILB decommits from Michigan...

Making a rumbling in the recruiting world, 2018 inside linebacker Antwuan Johnson (Dayton, OH / Dunbar) decommitted from the Michigan Wolverines on Friday morning. Johnson is ranked as the No. 14 player in the state of Ohio and No. 6 ILB in the country.

Johnson made the decision via Twitter that he was going to reopen his recruitment.

I look forward to getting back into this recruiting process pic.twitter.com/j8tdxIbcwS

— Antwuan Johnson (@Antwuan21) September 9, 2016

Jumping onto the radar for Johnson’s services are the Louisville Cardinals. At the moment, Johnson is scheduled for an unofficial visit with the Bobby Petrino coached squad on Sept. 17, according to 247Sports. However, there are eight other schools that have offered the Dayton product a chance to play college football at the next level.

Big Ten programs Iowa and Indiana have offered the 6’1 linebacker, as well as in-state schools Cincinnati and Bowling Green. While Ohio State hasn’t sent an offer toward Johnson, they may take a closer look at the Dunbar High product. Currently, the Buckeyes have two commitments on their 2018 board – and none of them are on defense.

As time goes on, Luke Fickell and Urban Meyer might make the move to keep Johnson inside the Buckeye State.

...and a 3-star decommits from the Wolverines, too

Around the same time as Johnson’s decision to look at other programs, 2017 tight end prospect Carter Dunaway decided to look at his options, too. While the Buckeyes aren’t pursuing Dunaway, a few other Big Ten programs are. Indiana, Nebraska and Purdue all have sent offers to the 6’6 TE from Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

It’s not too uncommon for players to decommit from a program. Ohio State’s 2017 class had two decommitments; the Wolverines now have three. But, if you’re a Buckeye fan, watching the Wolverines lose a commit can only help make your day a tad bit sweeter.

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