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LGHL Ohio State looking to land top 2017 linebacker

Austin Kemp

Ohio State looking to land top 2017 linebacker
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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With the top inside linebacker going to the Opening, the Buckeyes send words of encouragement.

As we enter the dog days of summer, recruiting news starts to hit a wall. However, with The Opening starting at the end of this week and Friday Night Lights later this month, there should be some good and interesting news coming up.

Ohio State continues its effort to land class of 2017 linebacker Anthony Hines (Plano, TX / Plano East). Hines, a four-star prospect, is rated a top five player at his position. At nearly 6-foot-3, Hines is a thumper in the middle, but also has the athleticism to play in space.

This past season, Hines collected 205 tackles with eight sacks, while forcing three fumbles. Over the course of his high school career, Hines sits on 399 tackles – which is part of the reason why he’s listed as one of the top 10 players out of the Lone Star State.

It'll continue to be an uphill battle for the Buckeyes to land the Plano East standout as overcoming Oklahoma and Texas will be no small feat. There is definitely interest on both sides as Hines visited Columbus, Ohio just last month. Ohio State would love to get him back on campus again this summer or sometime in the fall. If that happens, we can count Ohio State as a legitimate contender in this one. Hines holds 90 total offers as reported by 247Sports.

The Buckeyes took to Twitter to wish Hines luck at The Opening. It never hurts to show love in the recruiting process – especially when you have some of the best design people making tweets like this.

#GoBucks Ohio State showing love! pic.twitter.com/aCDkc4j5Ib

— Anthony Hines III® (@TheAntHines_Era) July 5, 2016
2019 DT coming to Friday Night Lights

Class of 2019 defensive tackle Jacob Lacey (Bowling Green, KY / South Warren) confirmed on Tuesday that he will be attending Friday Night Lights. Lacey, who is a massive 6-foot-2, 290-pound force of nature is going into his sophomore year.

At the moment, he holds six total offers, but not one from Ohio State. If Ohio State does send out that offer to Lacey sometime after (or before) Friday Night Lights, the Buckeyes would be up against the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati and Fiesta Bowl challenger, Notre Dame.

Lacey has not yet been evaluated from the recruiting sites, but is expected to be one of the highest rated players at his position in his class. Lacey's recruitment is just getting started, but Notre Dame and Tennessee could hold the upper hand right now. Still, that's almost irrelevant since he has a few years until his signing day rolls around.

Expect Ohio State to stay on Lacey over the next couple of years.

2019 DT Jacob Lacey, who has several offers, is attending #OhioState Friday Night Lights later this month: https://t.co/rXZuvQC1vQ

— Allen Trieu (@AllenTrieu) July 5, 2016
Quick Hit

According to reports, 2018 Huber Heights teammates L' Christian Smith and Alex Reigelsperger will be making it to Friday Night Lights as well. Smith, a wide receiver, checks in at 6-foot-6 and is already rated as one of the top receivers in the country. He holds an offer from Ohio State. As for Reigelsperger, he holds seven offers of his own, but is coming to camp in hope of earning one from the Buckeyes. Both players will be among tops at their position in the state when their senior year rolls around. Ohio State and Michigan State are thought to be the early leader for L'Christian Smith.

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