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LGHL Ohio State joins the fray, offer 2018 spot to New Jersey TE

Austin Kemp

Ohio State joins the fray, offer 2018 spot to New Jersey TE
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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New Jersey prospect Jeremy Ruckert picks up an offer from OSU – who join the likes of Alabama and Florida State vying for his services

We are right on the heels of summer and when it finally hits, action on the recruiting trail is in full effect. With thousands of camps across the country, prospects will be looking to make a name for themselves and catch the interest of Ohio State. While the 2017 class is loaded, there aren't a whole lot of spots left. Any offer that goes out for 2017 is a take. The Buckeyes can't afford to take any projections this year.

As for 2018, it should be more of the same. The amount of top tier prospects that hold the Buckeyes in high regard is staggering. Ohio State should finish with a top five class in this recruiting cycle as well as 2018.

Speaking of the 2018 class, Ohio State sent a new offer out to 2018 tight end Jeremy Ruckert (Lindenhurst, NJ. / Lindenhurst Senior) on Tuesday. Ruckert has just seen his recruitment take off over the last month, but its taken off in a big way.

In addition to now holding an offer from the Buckeyes, Ruckert also has gathered offers from Alabama, Penn State , Wisconsin and Florida State. The recruiting sites do not have him officially rated, but it's looking like Ruckert will be one of the top tight ends in his class.

At 6 feet 5 inches and 220 pounds, Ruckert is an instant mismatch in the passing game – and there's still a chance he continues to grow. Ruckert is a good pass catcher and also provides running ability after the catch. Ohio State has made the east coast a priority over the last couple of years and all that hard work has a good chance to pay off in this recruitment. Ohio State has been successful in sending tight ends to the NFL the past two seasons, as seen in Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett, and there's no doubt that could be a factor as well. Watch for the Buckeyes to try and get him on campus as soon as possible.

Extremely excited and blessed to receive an offer to play football at The Ohio State University‼️⚫#GoBucks #OSU pic.twitter.com/iHTUIu5zHG

— Ruck (@Jeremy_Ruckert1) May 24, 2016

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