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LGHL Ohio State is a favorite for a 5-star WR

Austin Kemp

Ohio State is a favorite for a 5-star WR
Austin Kemp
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The heart of SEC country holds a potential Buckeye recruit

5-star Grimes will close recruiting process down soon

Some of the biggest news of Tuesday came when five-star wide receiver prospect Trevon Grimes (Fort Lauderdale, FL / St. Thomas Aquinas) made it apparent that he will be shutting down his recruiting process and commit to a school on August 24.

August 24th #Gators #Hurricanes #RollTide #Buckeyes #Bulldogs #Noles ❗❗

— GrimeTime™ (@TrevonGrimes7) June 14, 2016

Grimes, regarded as the top WR in the 2017 class and one of the top overall players in the country, has the Buckeyes as one of the favorites surrounded by a host of schools represented from the ACC and SEC. It’s been obvious for some time that Ohio State is at the top of Grimes' list and should everything go as planned, Grimes will be a Buckeye when late August rolls around. According to the 247Sports predictions, the recruiting experts believe that Grimes will make the trip out of SEC country and head to Columbus, Ohio.

A potential commitment from 6-foot-3, 202-pound Sunshine State sensation would further strengthen the class that Ohio State is putting together in 2017 – one that will probably be solidified as the No.1 class if Grimes becomes a Buckeye. As it stands, Grimes is considered the seventh best player and fourth best receiver out of Florida.

It’s no wonder that recent 2017 Buckeye commit Tate Martell (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman) was lobbying for Grimes to come with him to Ohio State.

Y'all wanna see a scary sight...


2017 Ohio State Buckeye WR's

— Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) June 13, 2016
Another top ranked QB has thoughts on Ohio State

Very notable news came on the Emory Jones (Franklin, GA /Heard County) front as Jones was in Columbus on Tuesday at a camp, throwing for the Ohio State coaching staff.

2018 QB target Emory Jones: "Ohio State is probably my leader right now." Said decision to come later this month.

— Tim Shoemaker (@TimShoemaker) June 14, 2016

Jones, a class of 2018 standout, is one of the top quarterback prospects in his class and is likely a top 20 player in the country. Jones has held Ohio State in high regard for most of his process and it could even be thought that the Buckeyes have led the whole way.

For the Buckeyes, this would be another huge get. Jones currently is slated by 247Sports as the No.2 dual threat QB in the class of 2018.

The Ohio State coaching staff has done a great job in this recruitment, pushing the Buckeyes brand and vaulting to the top of his list. The recent Martell commitment is not thought to impact Jones' recruitment. Just look at what Martell put on Twitter late Tuesday night:

Gotta get my man, @eXjones6 to join the QB Squad at OSU!

— Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) June 15, 2016

Martell is being the unofficial hype man for the Buckeyes – which is a good thing. The potential stacked depth at QB entering the 2018 season would be insane, assuming Jones commits to Ohio State.

If Ohio State were to pick up a commitment from Jones, it's not crazy to think that he would be the most talented QB on the roster when he steps foot on campus.

Just look at Jones’ highlight tape:

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