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LGHL Ohio State in prime position for 2018's No. 1 DT

Dan Hessler

Ohio State in prime position for 2018's No. 1 DT
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Buckeyes looking for a big BOOM to start the 2018 recruiting class

For Ohio State, it has been an extremely exciting off-season. Buckeye Nation has been able to watch Urban Meyer put together what could become the best recruiting class in Ohio State history. However, things have slowed down recently with the dead period being in place.

Yesterday was Independence Day and many recruits spent the day with their families and friends, as they should. There was some news to that came arose from the remnants of the fireworks, however.

Buckeyes in the mix for 2018 DT

Five-star defensive tackle Taron Vincent (Bradenton, FL / IMG Academy) spoke with Bill Kurelic of BuckNuts yesterday and reaffirmed his interest in the Buckeyes. The top rated DT of the 2018 class included Ohio State in his list of top schools, along with Florida State and UCLA.

Vincent, only a sophomore in high school, has expressed interest in the Buckeyes since they presented him with a scholarship offer. Since then, he has visited campus three times, with the most recent being last month. While the 6-foot-2, 285-pound DT attended Ohio State's annual Friday Night Light's camp last year, he informed Kurelic that he didn't think he would be able to find time to attend this year.

Vincent's inability to attend the camp this year has no reflection on the Buckeyes potential to land the top 15 player in his class. Currently, 247Sports sees Ohio State as the sure-fire candidate to land Vincent, as 8 out of 8 of its crystal ball predictions favor the Buckeyes.

Five-star WR picks Clemson over Ohio State and others

Five-star wide receiver Tee Higgins (Oak Ridge, TN / Oak Ridge) announced his commitment to the Clemson Tigers yesterday.

Higgins had listed his top ten schools back in May, which included Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Georgia Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss.

Missing out on the No. 3 WR in the class of 2017 is a definite loss for Ohio State. However, Urban Meyer has the Buckeyes in the thick of things for multiple WRs in this class, including three five-stars.

Donovan Peoples-Jones (Detroit, MI / Cass Technical), Trevon Grimes (Fort Lauderdale, FL / St. Thomas Aquinas) and Tyjon Lindsey (Corona, CA / Centennial) are all high on Ohio State – creating a chance for the Buckeyes to potentially land all three. Realistic expectations would be for the Buckeyes to land two of these three, with Grimes and Lindsey being the most likely.

Grimes has listed Ohio State as his favorite for the majority of his recruitment while Lindsey has become a much more practical since the recent commitment from Tate Martell (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman). The two were teammates in high school before Lindsey left for Centennial.

Quick Hit

Former Buckeye star RB, Ezekiel Elliott announced that he will be in attendance for this years The Opening Finals held at the Nike headquarters in Oregon. Five-star RB Cam Akers (Clinton, MS / Clinton) will be participating in the prestigious camp this year and it will be interesting to see if the crop-top hero can persuade Akers to join Buckeye Nation.

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