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LGHL Ohio State hopes to add 4-star QB soon

Bret Favachio

Ohio State hopes to add 4-star QB soon
Bret Favachio
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


The Buckeyes are looking for their first commit in the 2018 class. 4-star QB Emory Jones has the chance to be that man.

Jones set to decide?

When it comes to the future of Ohio State’s recruiting class, you might have a tough time finding a target that the Buckeyes are more focused on than 2018 quarterback Emory Jones (Franklin, GA / Heard County).

Jones, at this point, seems to undoubtedly be Ohio State’s top choice at the position and they could very possibly be on the verge of reeling in a commitment from the four-star dual-threat QB in the very near future.

Bill Kurelic of Bucknuts.com says (here) that a Jones pledge to the Buckeyes “could come very soon” and he followed that up by even casting a Crystal Ball prediction for Jones to ultimately decide for Ohio State whenever he makes his announcement. As it stands, there are currently 17 predictions for Jones through the 247Sports Crystal Ball – and 76 percent (13 of 17) of those predictions believe Jones will take his talents to Columbus, Ohio.

The biggest threat to the Buckeyes seems to be the Butch Jones’ Tennessee Volunteers. However, the Georgia native is fresh off of a visit to Knoxville, Tenn. and that didn’t do enough to force Kurelic to believe that the Jones pledge won’t be in favor of Ohio State.

Earlier this month after a visit to the Columbus campus, Jones did mention that the Buckeyes were probably his top school and added that a decision would likely come later this month. With just eight days in June remaining, this is one to definitely keep your eyes on. If Head Coach Urban Meyer and Ohio State can reel in the Peach State prospect, it would equal their first commitment in the 2018 cycle and would be an impressive start.

Babb focused on season

Back on June 17, Ohio State hosted 2018 wide receiver Kamryn Babb (Saint Louis, MO / Christian Brothers College) who took part in a Buckeyes summer camp in hopes of landing an offer. The pass-catcher did enough to impress the coaching staff and departed from Columbus with an offer from the Scarlet and Gray.

Now, Babb is currently graded as the fourth best WR in the 2018 class, the 40th overall player, and the top player from the state of Missouri. According to 247Sports.com, Babb is fresh off of visits to Michigan State, Notre Dame and ,of course, Ohio State.

The Saint Louis native has already seen 10 programs drop an offer to him and it will be a tough task sorting through those opportunities to ultimately make his collegiate choice. For now though, Babb isn’t worried about that decision too much at this point.

According to stltoday.com’s David Kvidahl, who covers high school sports in Missouri, the 6-foot-1, 189-pounder will turn his attention to the upcoming season. “I think I’m done for the summer,” Babb told Kvidahl in regards to any upcoming visits.

As time goes on, these recruits will make their decision on where to play college football. Stick with Land-Grant Holy Land for the latest on Jones’ and Babb’s decisions.

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