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LGHL Ohio State hockey loses to Minnesota in overtime, 5-4

Matt Torino

Ohio State hockey loses to Minnesota in overtime, 5-4
Matt Torino
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State was dominated by Minnesota on Friday night, but still took the Golden Gophers to overtime.

On a night where Script Ohio was on ice, Minnesota scripted a gameplan for dominating Ohio State. The Ohio State mens hockey team fell to Minnesota in Columbus on Friday night by a score of 5-4 in overtime. OSU would make it more interesting than it had any right to be, but the Golden Gophers still came out on top.

Things would start out pretty well for the Buckeyes as Christian Lampasso would notch his first of the year at 10:08 to give the Bucks the lead. He hasn't had nearly the same point production as his freshman year, as he only had put up two assists total this year coming into Friday night, but Lampasso helped out early. Tommy Parran tallied the secondary assist on the goal for his first collegiate point. Tyler Lundey scored the primary assist.

Justin Kloos would tie the game back up for the favored Gophers with just 24.3 seconds left in the period while both teams had men sent off, creating a 4-on-4 situation. Minnesota outshot the Buckeyes 13-8 in the first and had all the momentum going into the second with that late goal.

Script Ohio and Ohio State's band covered the ice during the first intermission but that couldn't restore the momentum OSU had earlier in the game. Leon Bristedt put Minnesota on top for their first lead of the game with just over 16 minutes left and Ohio State was suddenly down. That 2-1 score would somewhat miraculously hold up into the second intermission as Minnesota outshot OSU 17-11 in the second period alone and were leading 30-19 for the game at that point. Christian Frey was his usual reliable self and that's all that was keeping OSU in the game at that point.

The third period would be a roller coaster that even Action Park wouldn't approve. David Gust, probably Ohio State's best player not named Nick Schilkey or Christian Frey, tied the game up at 1:36 on a cross ice feed from Matt Weis. Maybe all OSU had to do was to survive the second and then regroup for the third. It sure looked that way. Just under two minutes later, Dakota Joshua agreed and put up a powerplay goal to give Ohio State the 3-2 lead. It was his third goal of the season and first of the season with the man advantage.

Minnesota was not a fan of this turn of events and tied it up at three on a goal by Tommy Novak at 4:30 of the third. That score would stand until, with just 2:45 left in regulation, Minnesota's freshman Tyler Sheehy gave the Gophers a 4-3 lead it looked like would be the final score. But that would be a regulation approved roller coaster. This still had more left in it.

In the spirit of Anthony Greco's game tying goal off a faceoff versus Michigan in January, Weis thought it'd be fun to tie the game up at four at the literal buzzer. The goal would be reviewed but ultimately stand and Ohio State somehow, some way found a way to get to overtime. It is officially scored at 19:59 and was found to have gone over the line with 0.1 seconds left on the clock.

Unfortunately, unlike in that Michigan game, Ohio State wouldn't be able to survive to a shootout they could win. Minnesota wouldn't let it get that far. Kloos struck again for his second of the game with just 1:35 remaining in overtime, sending Ohio State to the overtime loss it felt like wouldn't happen after Weis scored.

It's a heartbreaking loss for Ohio State after that goal but you have to take the good with the bad and here, you saw that Ohio State can hang with the big boys of the conference. Minnesota isn't their perennially dominant selves but they're still a tough opponent that could win the conference tournament. And Ohio State showed it won't stand down versus the big boys.

Minnesota improved to 10-3 in conference while Ohio State fell to 3-6-2-1. The two teams will meet again on Saturday night at p.m. when Ohio State hosts their inaugural Teddy Bear Toss. The bears will be brought to the Ronald McDonald house by the OSU players on Valentine's Day.

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