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LGHL Ohio State hockey gets manhandled by No. 15 Penn State, 6-1

Matt Torino

Ohio State hockey gets manhandled by No. 15 Penn State, 6-1
Matt Torino
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State was beaten in every facet of the game by the Nittany Lions last night at Penn State

The last time Ohio State played Penn State, the Buckeyes won 5-1. Apparently, the No. 15 Nittany Lions did not appreciate that as they returned the favor last night at Penn State with a 6-1 victory. Ohio State lost its third straight game and fell to 3-8-2-1 in conference and 8-17-2 overall.

Things didn't start out too badly for Ohio State last night. Christian Frey once again got the start in goal, though his night would be over more quickly than he anticipated. David Glen scored Penn State's only goal in the first, but the shot totals were relatively equal, with PSU having a 12-10 advantage.

The game and any chance the Bucks had of winning went completely out the door in the second. Vince Pedrie scored a goal at 4:24 to make it 2-0 Penn State. Then, within a four minute and 32 second time frame, the lead jumped from 2-0 to 5-0. David Goodwin scored at 13:06 to make it 3-0 and Luke Juha extended the lead to 4-0 at 16:07. Alec Marsh added another to make it 5-0 at 17:38. Penn State only outshot Ohio State 14-13 in the second, but outscored the Bucks 4-0 in the period.

In the third, Ohio State would at least get one back. Nick Schilkey scored his 14th of the year at 2:14, with Anthony Greco and Matt Weis recording the assists. Zach Saar scored the sixth Penn State goal during an Ohio State powerplay that also included a pulled goalie, recording the shorthander at 19:33.

Frey was pulled after giving up the third goal. He stopped 17 out of 20 shots. Matt Tomkins would come in and do marginally better, stopping 17 out of 19, with the sixth and final goal coming against an empty net.

There's not really much positive to take out of this game. The goaltending from both goalies was mediocre at best. The Buckeyes were still outshot in every period despite being down multiple goals, turning the principles of score effects on its head. David Gust's point streak ended at 15. But at least Ohio State's penalty kill went 4-for-4. So that's something, though committing four penalties isn't something to be proud of.

Anyway, things can't really go much worse for Ohio State hockey when they faceoff versus Penn State on ESPNU and WatchESPN at 3pm at the Pegula Ice Arena on Saturday.

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