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LGHL Ohio State had the best draft class in modern history

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Harry Lyles Jr.

Ohio State had the best draft class in modern history
Harry Lyles Jr.
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Quality over quantity, folks.

"It wasn't a surprise that Ohio State produced a top-notch draft class in 2016. What is surprising is that it's the most impressive draft class in modern history."

- Chase Stuart, FiveThirtyEight

We knew Ohio State was going to have a great end result to the 2016 NFL Draft. There were hopes that the Buckeyes would eclipse the previous record for most players held in a draft, which the Buckeyes own (14), but they fell two short at 12. And while they didn't cross that number, this still appears to be the best draft class in modern history, as FiveThirtyEight explores the numbers. But it's much more than just having a bunch of players selected, the quality of the players is what sets the 2016 draft class apart from the rest.

All of the Buckeyes selected were picked in the first four rounds of the draft, with Cardale Jones being the final selection at 139. The Texas Longhorns had the most draft picks of all time in a single draft with 17 (when there were 12 rounds), but eight of those players were selected with the 180th pick or later, according to FiveThirtyEight. The publication used a draft value chart where they were able to better approximate the value of the prospects aside from just the quantity, and the numbers put the Buckeyes just short of the 1946 Notre Dame draft class. The next closest modern draft class was the 2004 Miami Hurricanes', and that's pretty good company to be in.

Ohio State will host UConn on December 10th, source told @CBSSports. Return game of home-and-home series.

— Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) May 4, 2016

The Ohio State Buckeyes will face off against the UConn Huskies in a non-conference matchup on December 10th next basketball season. The two teams played each other this past December, and almost everything went in the Huskies way, who ran off with a 75-55 win over what was a very young Ohio State team. The Buckeyes won't be immensely older next season, but will be more seasoned, and have home court advantage against the Huskies the second time around.

The Bucks lost four players from their 2015 recruiting class, including Daniel Giddens, Austin Grandstaff, A.J. Harris, and Mickey Mitchell. Luckily, the Buckeyes still have guard JaQuan Lyle, who has tons of potential. With key pieces like Keita Bates-Diop, Jae'Sean Tate, Marc Loving, and Trevor Thompson back, the Buckeyes shouldn't look too different, but it definitely won't be the same product we saw on the floor last season. Hopefully they're able to knock off the Huskies this time around.

Ezekiel Elliott has the second best odds to win NFL's Rookie of the Year, per Bovada

It seems like the NFL season can't get here soon enough for Buckeye fans. After an exciting NFL Draft weekend, the anticipation surrounding the debuts of the rookie Buckeyes is already building. Bovada released some early odds for the 2016 NFL season, and Ezekiel Elliott is all over the early props, as well as being in good favor to win the Rookie of the Year. Zeke's odds to win Rookie of the Year are at 5/2, who is only behind the draft's top selection in quarterback Jared Goff, whose odds are 2/1. Behind Elliott is Heisman winner and now Tennessee Titan Derrick Henry at 7/1, as well as former Baylor wideout Corey Coleman at 15/2.

Bovada has their over/under for total rushing yards in the 2016 regular season for Elliott set at 900. They also have his total touchdown's in the 2016 regular season set at 7.5. Joey Bosa also made an appearance, with his total sacks in the 2016 regular season over/under set at 5.5. I'm not a gambling man, but I'm pretty confident in the Buckeyes and would gladly go over for all three of those bets. The 2016 season should be especially fun in watching how the Buckeyes translate to the NFL game.

"I think it's kind of disrespectful. The half-shirt at the draft? I mean it's a traditional thing."

- Lamarr Houston, Chicago Bears linebacker, via ESPN's SportsNation

While Ezekiel Elliott showed off a half-shirt at the draft, and it was a huge hit with so many people who know that to be the running back's trademark, Chicago Bears linebacker Lamarr Houston felt otherwise. While making an appearance on ESPN's SportsNation, he expressed his dismay for the display of abs on the draft's red carpet, saying he felt it was disrespectful. He added that it was disrespectful of "everybody who's ever been to the draft." Houston further tried to solidify himself as being a higher-being than Elliott by saying "I hate wearing suits. I dressed appropriately for the event."

Houston seemed to be taking any shots he could pull while he was getting his time on air, as he also called Aaron Rodgers arrogant. Which totally makes sense, considering the Bears-Packers rivalry. But to poke at Elliott for having fun on the biggest night of his life seems cheap. Roger Goodell has turned the first round of the NFL Draft into a show, and there probably wasn't a better showman there than Elliott himself. Elliott's display was fine, and he was great for the draft.


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