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LGHL Ohio State gets closer to landing five-star RB Cam Akers

Bret Favachio

Ohio State gets closer to landing five-star RB Cam Akers
Bret Favachio
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Former Alabama commit Cam Akers cuts his list down to ten.

Akers trims list to 10

The big news on Wednesday came when big-time 2017 Ohio State target and former Alabama commitment Cam Akers released his Top 10 group via Twitter. Ohio State unsurprisingly made the list and now they have an idea of the competition they will have to battle with in order to land the 5 feet 11 inch, 212-pounder. Outside of the Buckeyes, Akers is currently also considering Alabama, Auburn, California, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ole Miss, and Tennessee.

Not only was the Top 10 of Akers great news for the Buckeyes, but another big development is that the Clinton, Miss. star will also be making a visit to Columbus to see Ohio State once again next month as he makes a summer visit tour to a handful of programs. We'll see if the Bucks can impress the No. 2 ranked RB in the country and begin distancing themselves from other programs.

Bucks offer two for 2018

Ohio State sent out two new offers yesterday. One recipient of an offer from the Buckeyes was 2018 OT Colten Blanton. The 6 foot 5 inch, 271-pounder is currently graded as a four-star prospect by 247Sports and has earned some impressive offers for this stage of his recruitment. Ohio State joined Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and many more on the offer list of Blanton. It'll be interesting to see if the Bucks can do enough to impress the Cypress Ranch, Texas standout lineman in hopes of pulling him out of the Lonestar state.

#AGTG Blessed to have received an offer from THE Ohio State University! ⭕⚫#GoBuckeyes pic.twitter.com/FfEDLXZO3G

— Colten Blanton (@cole_blanton) May 25, 2016

The other offer was sent out to 2018 DE Dorian Hardy of St. Joseph Regional, NJ. Much like the aforementioned Blanton, 247Sports currently has Hardy graded out as a four-star recruit and the sixth best weak-side defensive end in the entire class. The Garden State prospect has already secured 22 offers and according to the 247Sports Crystal Ball, it seems to be Nick Saban and Alabama who have the inside trek to land Hardy.

Honored and Humbled to receive my 22nd offer from THE Ohio State University ⚫⚪#GoBuckeyes #OH-IO pic.twitter.com/hWgaQytp8r

— Dorian Hardy (@dtheillest1) May 25, 2016
Coaches stop at Fairfield (OH)

According to Fairfield (OH) Head Coach Jason Krause, Ohio State was one of a few schools to stop by on Wednesday. Krause did not clarify which member(s) of the Buckeye coaching staff showed up but it's a safe bet that it was Kerry Coombs, the Ohio State CB coach/Special Teams coordinator.

As for who they were visiting, the two prospects from the program that the Buckeyes have showed plenty of interest in to this point is 2018 OT Jackson Carman and 2018 LB Malik Vann. For now, Carman is the one that has landed an offer from the scarlet and gray and you could certainly consider them one of the teams in great position for his pledge. As for Vann, the Buckeyes haven't offered to this point. However, I would say it will come eventually.

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