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LGHL Ohio State gaining popularity with some of 2017's biggest recruits

Dan Hessler

Ohio State gaining popularity with some of 2017's biggest recruits
Dan Hessler
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Coveted recruits in the 2017 class are starting to figure out their top schools, and Ohio State is right in the mix.

At this point in the recruiting season, high school juniors have already visited multiple schools and have established relationships with college football coaches. Ohio State only has room for approximately seven more players from the 2017 class, but they are included among several of the nation's top recruits' favorite schools. Because of this, Urban Meyer and the Buckeye coaching staff will be able to be picky when it comes to filling those remaining spots.

Wade high on Buckeyes, releasing list today

Four-star DB recruit Lamont Wade has been on the Buckeyes' radar for some time now. Twice already this year, Buckeye coaches have traveled to Clairton, PA, to visit the No. 5 DB of the 2017 class, according to 247Sports Composite rankings. Wade also made a trip to Columbus back in January.

Monday, Wade published an update to his RecruitDiaries, a partnership of USA Today HSS, that allows recruits to write about their side of the recruitment process. In his most recent update, he was not shy in showing his interest in Ohio State, and it would appear as though the Buckeyes are the current favorite to land his services.

Wade talked about how even though he has only visited Ohio State five times, it always feels familiar to him and he always enjoys his time in Columbus. He spoke on his most recent visit back in January and his relationship with Meyer, calling him a "really cool person, and a hard-nosed coach."

At the end of his update, the 5'9, 185-pounder said he would be releasing his list of top schools Tuesday and that he can see himself playing in The 'Shoe, but also a number of different schools.

Wade is also high on home-state schools Pitt and Penn State. Look for Meyer and assistant coach Kerry Coombs to remain active in his recruitment, as he is one of the best defensive players of the class. Ohio State already has one top-5 DB commit in Shaun Wade, but the Buckeyes are looking to add at least one more in this class after losing a majority of their secondary to the NFL Draft this year.

Williams includes OSU in top 5

Four-star DB Jamyest Williams is another top-50 recruit to name Ohio State in their list of top schools. Williams was at Florida State over the weekend attending the school's Junior Day, and the Seminoles will be a legitimate threat to Ohio State in Williams' recruitment.

During the event, Williams found time to speak with Wayne McGahee III of NoleDigest, Scout.com's Florida State affiliate. In the interview he mentioned Florida State as one of his top five schools, along with Ohio State, Clemson, Tennessee and Georgia.

Earlier in his recruitment, Williams had Clemson as his favorite school, making the Tigers and Seminoles the likely favorites to land his services. The 5'9, 170-lb. DB last visited the Buckeyes last November, but Ohio State should still be looked at as a contender. Coach Kerry Coombs has been active in Williams' recruitment and last year, Williams told Cleveland.com that Coombs was one of the few coaches who helped him develop in last year's Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Detroit, Michigan.

Multiple WRs put Buckeyes on list

The Buckeyes are also a popular school among some of the best WRs of the 2017 recruiting class. Five-star WRs Trevon Grimes and Donovan Peoples-Jones have the Buckeyes on their list of top schools and so does four-star WR Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy was another recruit to attend Florida State's junior day over the weekend and is looked at as one of the top receivers in this year's class, no matter where you look. He has an offer list that includes the majority of all top-tier programs across the nation including Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, USC, Auburn, and the list goes on.

Alabama is looked at as the favorite to land Jeudy's services, but over the weekend he shared his list with TomahawkNation, SBNation's Florida State affiliate, and Ohio State was included. It would seemingly take a lot of work for Meyer and the Buckeyes to sway Jeudy, and with the high interest the Buckeyes have with other top WR's in the class, it would be a surprise to see him choose to play in Columbus.

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