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LGHL Ohio State forward Jae'Sean Tate reportedly gets MRI, could miss rest of season

Matt Brown

Ohio State forward Jae'Sean Tate reportedly gets MRI, could miss rest of season
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State's path to the postseason could get a lot tougher.

Despite its double digit Big Ten wins, Ohio State's path to the NCAA tournament was already a bit of a longshot. Now, the Buckeyes' path may have gotten much, much harder, as a key player could be missing time with an injury.

According to Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State forward Jae'Sean Tate "has had an MRI on his left shoulder, and his status for the rest of the season is uncertain." Tate had previously injured his right shoulder at Pickerington Central, but this current injury is on his other shoulder.

Tate appeared to injure himself near the end of the first half against Nebraska while reaching for a pass, but started the second half. It's possible that he re-aggravated the injury in the second half, perhaps after his memorable floor slap while guarding Tai Webster.

Per Jardy:

Immediately after the game, Matta said Tate was dealing with a stinger-type of injury. Monday night on his call-in show, Matta was asked about Tate's shoulder and said, "We're taking a look at it, but hopefully he's going to be fine."

Losing Tate would be a significant blow for Ohio State's hopes to finish the season strongly. Tate is third on the team in scoring, averaging 11.7 points per game, and leads the team in rebounds, with 6.5 boards a game. Despite being undersized, Tate is one of the few Buckeyes who can reliably score inside, and a leader in effort plays and offensive rebounding.

If Ohio State had to play without Tate for an extended period, it could mean extended minutes for Kam Williams.

Ohio State probably needs to win two of its next three regular season games if it wants to make the tournament, and the Buckeyes' path isn't an easy one. They host Michigan State tonight, and will also play Iowa at home, and Michigan State again on the road. Without Tate, even winning one of those games could be a tall order.

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