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LGHL Ohio State commit JK Dobbins wins Nike athletic combine testing championship at The Opening

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Luke Zimmermann

Ohio State commit JK Dobbins wins Nike athletic combine testing championship at The Opening
Luke Zimmermann
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Dobbins set the best score amongst the best athletes in the country.

You may have heard of Nike's SPARQ Training score without fully understanding what it is. Considered the "SAT" for athletes -- and now used by the likes of the Browns to project NFL potential -- Nike measures performances of SPARQ grading speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness at each of their The Opening regionals and then at a combine at their large national The Opening finals.

On Friday, during the first day of this year’s main event, Ohio State represented in a big way.

La Grange, TX four-star athlete/all-purpose back commit J.K. Dobbins stole the show, winning the SPARQ “national championship”, finishing with the best score in the entire country, a daunting 146.76. Major Ohio State target Buckeyes recruiting target S Jeffrey Okudah finished second, with a 142.56, while Buckeye RB target Cam Akers finished third overall with a score of 140.13. Ohio State could very well sign the three most athletic recruits in the country.

The 2016 Nike+ Football Rating Champion | @Jkdobbins22 pic.twitter.com/63nlT0kaCZ

— The Opening (@TheOpening) July 8, 2016

As if Urban Meyer needed any more elite, world class athletes at this disposal.

To add to the fun, Ohio State great Ezekiel Elliott was in attendance in the Portland area and was amongst the first to congratulate Dobbins after his championship performance:

Cowboys running back and former Ohio State Buckeye Ezekiel Elliott congratulates the... https://t.co/4vEwEVLcDr pic.twitter.com/xBe6BFRmHI

— Erik McKinney (@EMcKinneyESPN) July 8, 2016

Though we’re still another year and change from getting to see what Dobbins brings to the table in scarlet and gray, that’s no reason not to get excited now. Another day, another title for a Buckeye stud athlete.

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