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LGHL Ohio State CB Eli Apple will be putting receivers on an island with the New York Giants

Harry Lyles Jr.

Ohio State CB Eli Apple will be putting receivers on an island with the New York Giants
Harry Lyles Jr.
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Apple will now be locking down receivers at the pro level.

The New York Giants decided to bolster their defense in selecting former Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple with the No. 10 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Apple had been mocked in a number of different slots, but ultimately landed with the Giants. Apple should bring immediate help, and his selection only helps Ohio State's case as Defensive Back U.

Apple was one of the first non-senior players to enter the draft when the Buckeyes' season concluded. He really came on strong as a redshirt freshman in 2014, and was a key piece in helping the Buckeyes secure the 2014 College Football Playoff National Championship against the Oregon Ducks. He was named a freshman All-American by both Athlon and Scout.com for his efforts. In 2015, Apple was still a key piece in an Ohio State defense that was stacked with players of pro talent.

The 6'1 corner came in at 199 pounds at the NFL Combine, with an impressive 4.4 official 40-yard dash time. He possesses the speed he needs at the next level, something that scout put a lot of weight into when evaluating defensive backs at the pro level. That, combined with his knowledge of the game makes him a steal for the [TEAM].

Apple has all the tools to become an elite defensive back in the NFL if he reaches his full potential. He couldn't be entering the league at a better time, with good cornerback play seemingly being valued as high as ever, with the league being more and more pass-friendly. Surely the [TEAM] will enjoy having Apple as a part of their defensive unit.

Get to know Eli:

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