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tBBC Ohio State Buckeye Moments: Tyvis Powell

Joe Dexter

Ohio State Buckeye Moments: Tyvis Powell
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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The NFL Draft is right around the corner and over the next few days, the staff here at The Buckeye Battle Cry want to share with you our favorite Buckeye Moments from the draft eligible players from the Ohio State program.

Today, we look at safety Tyvis Powell. The Luke Fickell recruit that put his stamp on Ohio State football, by being a timely tackler and a game-sealer when it came down to the wire.

Here are my five top moments during Powell’s Ohio State career.

January 12, 2015 — “Defensive MVP” vs. Oregon in the CFP National Championship

Every time Ohio State needed Tyvis Powell on the biggest stage — he showed up for Ohio State when they needed him to make big plays. The CFP National Championship defensive MVP had a team-leading nine tackles against the Ducks and played a huge role in keeping Marcus Mariota in check.

September 26, 2015 — “The Man from Bedford Got His Hands On It” against Western Michigan

In the grand scheme of Tyvis Powell’s career, this blocked field goal might not mean a lot. Yet, I think it’s important to add to his biggest moments, because it shows just how diverse of a player he was while at Ohio State.

The block came at a key time of the game as well, with Ohio State leading by a touchdown, and Western Michigan building momentum offensively.

April 17, 2015 — “Cardale, I am your Father” at the OSU Spring Game

As entertaining as Powell has been on the field during his collegiate career, Ohio State fans will remember him for his entertainment off the field as well. That speaks volumes to the type of person that #23 is.

And what we learned during his time at Ohio State is that he is a great father figure..

January 21, 2015 — “Game Ending Interception” vs Alabama in the CFP’s Sugar Bowl

Does it get better than picking off Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to advance in to the national championship? Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey Hey — Goodbye!

November 30, 2013 — “No Soup For Hoke” vs. That Team Up North

My love for Tyvis Powell grew to epic proportion this beautiful fall day in November, when Tyvis Powell denied Brady Hoke of defeated Ohio State. The former TTUN big man stepped up to the all you can eat buffet and get his hand smacked for putting his elbows on the table.

If you think that Joey Bosa is the king of planting Michigan quarterbacks, you’ve got another thing coming when you see this clip. Tyvis Powell planted Devin Gardner into the turf and took all of his will without even touching the man.

Tyvis, I love you for this.

Thank you for all the great plays, great promos, and love for the Ohio State University. You’re definitely one of a kind.

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