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LGHL Ohio State baseball has 3 players receive All-Big Ten honors

Ben Martens

Ohio State baseball has 3 players receive All-Big Ten honors
Ben Martens
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Buckeyes' Nick Sergakis, Ronnie Dawson, and Tanner Tully received all-conference distinction on Tuesday as the team prepares to take on Michigan in its first game of the Big Ten tournament on Wednesday night.

As the Ohio State baseball team gears up for its opening game of the conference tournament against Michigan on Wednesday night, three Buckeyes were recognized for their outstanding play as first-team All-Big Ten selections in senior third baseman Nick Sergakis, junior left fielder Ronnie Dawson, and junior starting pitcher Tanner Tully

Sergakis, a senior co-captain, was Mr. Everything for Ohio State this year. He finished the regular season among the Big Ten's top ten in batting average (.352), slugging percentage (.573), on-base percentage (.474), hits (70), runs batted in (44), doubles (18), home runs (8), total bases (114), walks (33), and hit by pitch (16). The Columbus native also scored 38 runs and stole 13 bases. Sergakis was also recognized as the Buckeye's nominee for the sportsmanship award.

Dawson had a true breakout season, and may have put himself in position to be the first Big Ten position player selected in next month's Major League Baseball draft. Showing off his rare blend of speed and power, the Grove City, Ohio product slashed .300/.581/.398, hit 17 doubles, four triples, and 12 home runs, drove in 41 runs, stole 16 bases, and led the conference with 126 total bases.

Tully had a bounce-back season as a junior after a disappointing 2015. The left-hander went 7-3 in a team-high 93.2 innings of work, with a 2.31 earned run average that was second-best in the Big Ten, 71 strikeouts, a .238 opposing batting average, and a 1.10 WHIP.

No Buckeyes were named to the second or third teams this season, nor to the All-Freshman team. Minnesota's Matt Fiedler was named Big Ten Player of the Year, Cody Sedlock of Illinois was named Pitcher of the Year, Nebraska's Chad Luensmann was the top newcomer, and the Golden Gophers' John Anderson was a unanimous selection for Coach of the Year.

Ohio State finished the regular season with a 38-17-1 record, and a 15-9 conference tally good enough for the fourth seed in the Big Ten. Wednesday's first round matchup with the Wolverines is the final game of the tournament's first day, and is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. ET. Big Ten Network will televise the game live.

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