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tBBC Ohio State At Oklahoma May Truly Be Ostentatious


Ohio State At Oklahoma May Truly Be Ostentatious
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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“ Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something…” ~ Thomas Edison
Leave it to Thomas Edison, an Ohioan and considered “The Father Of Invention”, to appropriately summarize the goals for the 2016 Ohio State football team. No rules – just accomplish something.
“Something” is a pretty vague and open concept. Considering how much talent Ohio State lost to graduation and the NFL Draft, considering how I have written throughout spring practice about how 44 players on Ohio State’s roster are either redshirt freshmen or true freshmen…Damn right, Mr. Edison. There are no rules. Ohio State fans are just looking to see what this team can accomplish against a much tougher schedule in 2016 than 2015, with tremendously talented, yet inexperienced, players.
Oklahoma Sooners (Game 3)
2016 OSU Opponent Ranking: 1 out of 12
Players Recruited By Ohio State: OT Orlando Brown Jr, LB Ricky DeBerry, RB Joe Mixon, DT Courtney Garnett. To the best of my knowledge, as I review Oklahoma’s roster, I do not believe Ohio State recruited any of the various Ohioans on Oklahoma’s roster. I am more than willing to bet I may have inadvertently missed on some players; please let me know and I am happy to correct my error(s).
Game Date:
September 17, 2016
Kickoff Time: 7:30pm EST, telecast on Fox Sports
Location: Memorial Stadium
Rationale For The Ranking:
And then there was one. Out of Ohio State’s twelve scheduled opponents for the 2016 season, which team do I believe is the most difficult?
Just as in all walks of life, timing is everything. Ohio State will be coming off two home games versus Bowling Green and Tulsa, before making the trek to Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma will play against Houston in a neutral site season opener (call me skeptical about that, as NRG Stadium is in Houston, Texas…), and a home game versus UL Monroe.
The big difference here? How young Ohio State’s roster is in comparison to Oklahoma’s roster. Will the young Buckeyes be ready for what is going to be a sellout crowd in Memorial Stadium at night?

#OU announced that its Sept. 17 home game against #OhioState is sold out.

— Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) July 22, 2016
Prediction: One of the best advantages Ohio State has going into this game is the fact that Houston, led by former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, is facing Oklahoma two weeks prior to this game. Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer will be able to watch intently as to what worked, and did not work, against the Sooners. Consequently, Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops is also going to be able to take advantage of this with his squad, being able to prepare the Sooners for whatever offensive wrinkles Ohio State tries to throw at them. It should be a great one to start off the college football season, with two potential College Football Playoff participants.

Bob Stoops at ESPN Car Wash said Oklahoma is happy to be playing Houston early to give them an idea of what Ohio State will do.

— jbook™ (@jbook37) July 22, 2016
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