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Ohio State Academic All Americans (by year)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Archives' started by LordJeffBuck, Dec 13, 2019.

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  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Buckeye Academic All Americans as determined by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA)

    1952John BortonQBFirst Team
    1954Dick HilinskiTSecond Team
    1958Bob WhiteFBFirst Team
    1961Tom PerdueESecond Team
    1965Bill RidderMGSecond Team
    1966Dave FoleyOTFirst Team
    1968Dave FoleyOTSecond Team; also football All American
    1968Mark StierLBSecond Team
    1969Bill UrbanikDTSecond Team
    1970Rex KernQBSecond Team
    1971Rick SimonOTFirst Team
    1973Randy GradisharLBFirst Team; also football All American
    1974Brian BaschnagelRBFirst Team
    1975Brian BaschnagelRBFirst Team
    1975Pat CurtoDESecond Team
    1975Kenneth KuhnLBSecond Team
    1975Bill LukensOGSecond Team
    1975Chris WardOTSecond Team
    1976Pete JohnsonFBFirst Team
    1976Bill LukensOGFirst Team
    1977Jeff LoganRBFirst Team
    1980Marcus MarekLBFirst Team
    1981John FrankTESecond Team
    1982John FrankTEFirst Team
    1982Joe SmithOTFirst Team
    1983Dave CreceliusDTSecond Team
    1983John FrankTESecond Team
    1984Dave CreceliusDTFirst Team
    1984Tony GiulianiDLSecond Team
    1984Mike LaneseFLFirst Team
    1985Mike LaneseFLFirst Team
    1987Joe StaysniakOTSecond Team
    1989Joe StaysniakOTFirst Team
    1990Greg SmithDLSecond Team
    1992Len HartmanOGFirst Team
    1992Greg SmithNGFirst Team
    1995Greg BellisariLBFirst Team
    1996Greg BellsariLBFirst Team
    1999Ahmed PlummerCBFirst Team
    2002Ben HartsockTESecond Team
    2002Craig KrenzelQBSecond Team
    2003Craig KrenzelQBFirst Team; also Draddy Trophy ("Academic Heisman")
    2006Anthony GonzalezSEFirst Team
    2006James LaurinaitisLBSecond Team; also football All American; Nagurski Trophy
    2006Stan White, Jr.FBFirst Team
    2007Brian RobiskieFLFirst Team
    2008Brian RobiskieFLFirst Team
    2014Jacoby BorenCSecond Team
    2015Jacoby BorenCFirst Team
    2015Jack WilloughbyPKFirst Team
    2016Sam HubbardDEFirst Team
    2017Jordan FullerSSecond Team
    2018Jordan FullerSFirst Team
    2019Jordan FullerSSecond Team
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