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tBBC Ohio State 2016 Recruiting: Another Team Effort


Ohio State 2016 Recruiting: Another Team Effort
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Photo courtesy campusinsiders.com)

Urban has things under control.

Well, that was a nice, smooth experience on Signing Day, wasn’t it? There may have been a wrinkle here and there, but overall, I think that the coaching staff did a nice job of identifying where the needs are, and pretty much filled them. Below, is a summery table of the 18 players who signed on February 3rd and the 7 early enrollees. You’ll notice that I’ve included the player’s primary and secondary recruiter. More on that later. (Recruiting data/information from 247sports.com site.

As you see, there is a nice smattering of projected positions represented. To save you the ‘look-up’ time, here are the numbers by position group; Quarterback (1), Running back (2), Receiver (5), Offensive line (5), Defensive line (3), Linebacker (2) and defensive back (3). Just for classification purposes, there are 4 Special teams players, although 1 (Drue Chrisman) is a true ST’er. The other 3 players are classified as Athletes; you have to put them somewhere.

There are players from 11 states on this list, Ohio having the most with 10 players. Geographically, the range includes the Midwest, the Eastern Seaboard and the mid-south.

Player Pos Primary Secondary
Jonathon Cooper WDE Luke Fickell Larry Johnson
Austin Mack WR Kerry Coombs Zack Smith
Michael Jordan OT Ed Warinner Kerry Coombs
Tyler Gerald OG Ed Warinner
Antonio Williams RB Tony Alford
Malik Barrow DT Luke Fickell Larry Johnson
Tuf Borland OLB Luke Fickell Chris Ash
Nick Bosa SDE Zack Smith Larry Johnson
Demario McCall APB Tony Alford
Dwayne Haskins QB Larry Johnson Tim Beck
Keandre Jones OLB Larry Johnson Luke Fickell
Binjimen Victor WR Zack Smith
Jake Hausmann TE Kerry Coombs Tim Hinton
Jordan Fuller ATH Ed Warinner Greg Schiano
Malcolm Pridgeon OT Ed Warinner Greg Studrawa
Luke Farrell TE Chris Ash Tim Hinton
Kierre Hawkins TE Tim Hinton
Wayne Davis CB Zack Smith Kerry Coombs
Gavin Cupp OT Zack Smith Ed Warinner
Jack Wohlabaugh OG Tony Alford Ed Warinner
Malik Harrison ATH Luke Fickell
Drue Chrisman P Kerry Coombs
Rodjay Burns CB Kerry Coombs Greg Schiano
Kareem Felder CB Larry Johnson Kerry Coombs
Jahsen Wint ATH Ed Warinner Greg Schiano

Let’s talk about the coaching staff’s contributions to this fine recruiting day. I have two columns for each coach; one as Primary recruiter, the other as Secondary recruiter, again, from 247sports.com. In spite of the coaching flux (coming, going, reassigned, etc), it looks like they all were key contributors to present Ohio State’s case to prospective student/athletes.

Tot Coach Pri Sec
3 Tony Alford 3
2 Chris Ash 1 1
1 Tim Beck 1
7 Kerry Coombs 4 3
5 Luke Fickell 4 1
3 Tim Hinton 1 2
6 Larry Johnson 3 3
3 Greg Schiano 3
5 Zack Smith 4 1
1 Greg Studrawa 1
7 Ed Warinner 5 2

It seems like there is a nice mix of contributions of coaches and their geographic assignment as well as their position group assignments. In the true Buckeye spirit, everyone did their part. Well done, Staff, well done.

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