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LGHL Ohio State’s JaQuan Lyle takes on talent at CP3 camp, and looks good doing it

Geoff Hammersley

Ohio State’s JaQuan Lyle takes on talent at CP3 camp, and looks good doing it
Geoff Hammersley
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


JaQuan Lyle has been doing some work this off-season

JaQuan Lyle goes 1v1 against some of basketball’s top talents

After missing the NCAA Tournament this past season, things had to change for the Buckeyes. Look no further than sophomore JaQuan Lyle, who took to the CP3 camp to show off what he has done this offseason.

#OhioState PG JaQuan Lyle has really slimmed down and is utilizing size in 1on1 drills here.

— Rodger Bohn (@rodgerbohn) June 24, 2016

Rodger Bohn, writer for Slam Magazine, also noted that Lyle went up against former Hoosier star and now current Oklahoma City Thunder member Victor Oladipo, as well Kentucky Wildcat freshman Malik Monk.

#OhioState PG JaQuan Lyle going one on one with #Thunder SG Victor Oladipo at #CP3Camp pic.twitter.com/VAGURWoqgZ

— Rodger Bohn (@rodgerbohn) June 24, 2016

JaQuan Lyle vs Malik Monk in 1on1 finals at #cp3 camp. Lyle won, but it was great to watch on both sides. pic.twitter.com/C5eR8oQ5bi

— Rodger Bohn (@rodgerbohn) June 24, 2016

This is what you want to see from the probable go-to guy this season: slimming down, working out against the best and preparing for another season for the always physical Big Ten season.

We’ll see what improvements Lyle has made/will make this summer as soon as the season starts. The non-conference slate for the Buckeyes include Providence, Virginia, Connecticut and UCLA.

“We’re disappointed he’s not here,”

Tim Shoemaker (Eleven Warriors), as San Diego Chargers GM Tom Telesco describes what it feels like when Joey Bosa hasn’t showed up to camp

It’s that time during camp workouts when GMs, coaches and player personnel breakdown what they’ve seen from the latest crop of NFL draftees.

This season, the Buckeyes fielded practically half a team worth of talent. The notable members being defensive end Joey Bosa and running back Ezekiel Elliott.

For the Chargers, Bosa hasn’t shown up to camp yet, as he is holding out due to contract negotiations. Telesco said that camp is part of a “learning process for all players”. While the former Buckeye All-American hasn’t suited up yet in a Chargers uniform, quarterback Phillip Rivers said that using their No.3 pick on Bosa was the right choice.

Some people on Twitter dot com want Bosa signed ASAP.

Can the @Chargers just please sign @jbbigbear!!! ⚡⚡⚡

⚡️Chargers Legion⚡️ (@ChargersLegion) June 20, 2016

Down in Dallas, the Elliott hype train is set to max speed. In an article written by The Washington Post, Elliott agreed that the hype “is everywhere”.

The hero in a half shirt has stunned the Cowboys this offseason. From making ankle breaking touchdown rushes to avoiding the rookie hazing culture, Elliott is seen as the running back answer the Cowboys have been desperately looking for since the departure of Emmitt Smith.

As camps unfold stick to Land-Grant Holy Land for all of your past and current Buckeyes on the gridiron. Speaking of gridiron, the future of Ohio State is looking bright, too.

Ohio State and Alabama jostle for No.1 recruiting class for 2017

The college football recruiting rankings for 2017 have the making for an epic battle between the Buckeyes and the Crimson Tide.

A few weeks ago, 247Sports had the Buckeyes ahead of the 2015 Sugar Bowl runner-ups, however, things have changed within the past few days. Bama was able to secure a 4-star commit, and overtook the Buckeyes by a score of 254.86 to 253.95 for the top spot.

Friday night (June 24), 5-star offensive guard Wyatt Davis (Bellflower, CA / St. John Bosco) will make his announcement on where he will attend college. Naturally, Ohio State and Alabama are in the running for the California native. A Buckeye commit from Davis would certainly put the scarlet and gray back into their No.1 throne.

With his announcement coming at 6:00 p.m. EST, Ohio State will find out if they get another 5-star talent for 2017: https://t.co/bQD2oK2z2F

— Land-Grant Holy Land (@Landgrant33) June 24, 2016

Stay tuned to Land-Grant Holy Land, as we’ll have updates on the Davis announcement.


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