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LGHL Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett makes yet another preseason award watchlist

Geoff Hammersley

Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett makes yet another preseason award watchlist
Geoff Hammersley
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


And he’s not the only Buckeye this time

It’s another eventful day in the world of Ohio State athletics. Let’s take a look at what’s in the news for the scarlet and gray.

“The distinction places Barrett on the preseason watch lists of three prestigious national awards,”

Ohio State spokesperson

Just a day after he secured a spot on the Davey O’Brien watchlist, quarterback J.T. Barrett found his name amongst 40 other sensational football players on the watchlist for the Walter Camp Football Foundation’s Player of the Year award.

In addition to the O’Brien and Camp lists, Barrett shows up on the Maxwell Award preseason watchlist. However, another Buckeye currently shows up on four watchlists – including the Camp list.

Linebacker Raekwon McMillan, a designated team captain like Barrett, finds his name on the prestigious award list. This season, McMillan is on two defensive player of the year (Nagurski and Bednarik) and Butkus award watchlists.

Whoever wins the Walter Camp award will be receiving a huge honor, as the award is the fourth oldest individually earned trophy in college football.

With the addition of H-back Dontre Wilson in the running for the Paul Hornung Award, an astounding nine Buckeyes are on 17 preseason watchlists.

“More than 280 men and women with disabilities were at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center taking part in their own training camp,”

Dave Holmes (10TV)

In some uplifting news, players on the Ohio State football team, as well as Head Coach Urban Meyer took part in volunteering a football camp for people with disabilities.

Take a look at the video from 10TV that shows how an idea from a Special Olympics coach reached the man in charge of the scarlet and gray football team.

“Because the school is so frenzied over football, Ohio State's basketball prowess is often overlooked, but it's without a doubt a top-15 program this century on the court.”

Matt Norlander & Chip Patterson (CBS Sports)

CBS Sports did a very informative write up on the most dominant football and basketball schools since the turn of the century.

On the list, Ohio State came in at No.2. Over the course of the past 16 seasons, the Buckeyes have won two national championships (both in football) and have made two trips to the Final Four. But it’s the consistency of being great that put the Buckeyes high on the list.

As stated in the CBS Sports article, the combined winning percentage of the football and basketball programs is .739. The postseason combined winning percentage is .630. Granted, the football postseason has less games than basketball, but the fact that they both can maintain an average that high is impressive.

Since 2000, the two power programs at Ohio State have a combined two seasons when they were below .500.

While Urban Meyer has been the man in charge over the past four seasons in Columbus Ohio, he was part of the reason why the Florida Gators were ranked as the No.1 team on the list. Meyer won two football titles (2006 v. Ohio State, 2008 v. Oklahoma) with the Gators.

Recruiting News

According to cleveland.com, the Buckeyes have sent out an offer to point guard Courtney Ramey (Saint Louis, MO / Webster Groves). Ramey is a member of the class of 2018 and currently has offers from Big XII powerhouse program Texas and hometown school Saint Louis.

Rated as a 4-star by 247Sports, Ramey is a top 15 PG in the country and a top 5 player in the state of Missouri.

As it stands, Ohio State has one member committed for the class of 2018. Stay tuned to Land-Grant Holy Land for more details on Ramey’s recruiting.


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