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Official Toaster discussion thread!!


Hating the environment since 1994
  • Here you go guys. Instead of letting your senseless drivel spill into every other thread, you can put it here.

    Since there is no forum like the Paint Chip one to post your appliance discussion you can have it here.
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    You know... speaking of toast... I'm king of in the mood for a turkey club sammich.

    Now... I know turkey is an inferior product... to say... corned beef... for some reason I'm in the mood.
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    Big George said to tell Thump that Napoleon Dynamite sucks and he does too.

    Isn't this entire forum about senseless drivel? Hell was I whining when my honest plea for information about wisdom teeth turned into a hockey (roller and ice), war story, dry socket, golf discussion?

    Hell no

    Sack up Thump...
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    Nah, BKB, you're just confusing country names with body parts. It's common after a traumatic experience with a club sammich - just too much going on in the mouth. You got your turkey, your ham, your bacon, and then some idiots go and stick two kinds of cheeses and put it all on rye! RYE! Yes, I know, cheese is good, but no self-respecting club sammich would sit on rye.
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    RugbyBuck said:
    Could somebody tell me about the time that OSUGRAD21 got drunk and passed out in the bathroom at BW3?
    No no Rugby. It was WadC45, but you have to know him as well as AKAK and I know him to appreciate the depth of this story.

    Anyway, WadC45 decide to wear a suit jacket and red turtleneck out that night....
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