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In Texas..
What does everyone think of the apparent revoking of Miles Williams offer?
Pretty interesting if true. I hope that he lost it because of something that is not related to football because if not, the backlash in the future could be interesting.
This was reported by Gary H on a Cleveland Radio show.
You ought to hear the Einsteins on Bucknuts who keep asking what the revocation was for, when Bucknuts himself clearly said on the first page of the thread that it was academics. Un-freakin'-real.
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Now we know why Miles was taking other visits.

Where is the New York Times diligent reporters when it comes to the academic integrity of the program concerning our offers to recruits.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Miles end up at MSU....Hey by the way how is Alphonso Townsend doing at MSU???
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I saw that on Bucknuts too after I posted this. It was almost like no one even paid any attention to the head man of the site. In the two pages after he said that, there wasnt even a reference to what he said.
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I dont know if the staff is regretting pulling the schollie or not but I would guess that there is more to this story.

It is hard for me to believe that the staff would pull an offer from a highly ranked recruit who is more proven than some of the more heralded recruits.
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