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Head Coach
Well what can I say? It wasn't pretty, but I'm proud of the way Zwick handled himself. Zero Turnovers and not too many bad mistakes. Zwick looked alittle bit intimidated out there as far as playing on the road but thats expected. As soon as he settles down a bit I have no doubt he'll make our offense alot better in the long run as far as offensive performance goes. Well we all know about Mr. Ross so no need to bring him up. I thought our pass protection was fairly decent only times Zwick got really sacked was that blind side that I think Ross shouldv'e picked up the rest were coverage sacks. Also what did you guys think of Roy Hall? I was impressed with his ability to get his body between the ball and the defender and I also liked his screen pass he caught! Another thing is we need to get Bam Childress the ball more! If we spread it around to Bam, and hit #8 Hall on a quick hitch and then try for either Holmes/Ginn Deep it makes the defense wonder will they go deep or short? Do you guys think we still kept it simple and we kept some things from everyone? Because where are the reverses and all those things?
We scored first...and we never looked back. That dictated the way the offense was going to play...SMART! There was no need to take chances...no need to go out of our way to score points...the offense just controled the tempo...gave the defense rests...and made sure they got Nuge 5 field goal trys. It was just smart play calling. Why try to win by 20 and risk dumb plays when you can safely hold a 10-15 point lead?
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I just can't stand the ISO plays on every 1st down...especially with Schnittker getting killed. Also, why did the slip screen, although a great call IMO, go to Roy Hall? Why not Ginn, Bam, or Holmes? After re-watching the game, the line is not to blame for many of the running woes.
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Zwick's performance looks even better when you consider that NCST made us one dimensional...

I think Zwick played real well for a QB for the first time that had is #1 option (Holmes) taken away, playing in a tough environment, with absolutely no sense of a running game...
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We beat N.C. State last year without a running game. I expected it to be the same. The running game picked up a little towards the end of the year last year...hopefully we can get it going here in the Big 10 season. This looked very similar too a game played in the past two years. Tressel has his Buckeyes playing well.
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I agree that we don't have to be fansy to win ball games and what we did was just fine because we got the "W". I never said anything about the way the game was called. Jus See'n what ya'll thought bout the game haha. Yeah I guess I would like see what Bam or Ginn would do in a screen instead of Hall, but I have no problem with it because sooner or later we'll run it with the guys we just listed. I personally think Bam Childress is our home run threat as in if you jus get the ball in his hands 2 yards on a hitch he can make things happen. You know what? with all these quick screens to the recievers and all that have been ran against us wouldn't you think our offense would start to run some of them as well? I haven't seen one quick pass to our reciever. I mean someone is preparing our 1st team for the screen pass aren't they? I think that'd be awfully dangerous in our arsenal. Also I dunno that might have been the best defense we'll face all year as well. Michigan has been very UN-impressive especially in the DB's area and with us bee'n actually somewhat of a passing team I duno maybe the game won't have to be as close as we think?
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I'd like to see the total number of Blitzes the Wolfpack ran today.

I swear they blitzed on 80% of our passing plays.

We'll see more and more of that. I imagine JT will be working extra hard on defending and beating blitz packages over the next two weeks.
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I totally agree with you Big Scream'n Slobs. Yeah I'm sure JT will put something in to beat these blitzes like short routes and maybe like I said some quick passes to the recievers will SLOW down their blitz. I mean a couple a game couldn't hurt us. I'm sure thats wishful thinking tho! lol Looks like we're all in for another year of close wins thats for damn sure! Atleast I have this weekend off coming up from anxiety.
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You know, while I am very very happy for the win, I just can't put the scarlets on for this one. In fact, I was having trouble identifying any plays that were well-executed on even a semi-consistent basis. Yes, only one turnover was excellent progress, but tell me that I am not the only person who thought "well, that's three" when Whitner got tackled on the INT return.

Zwick was just plain off, even when he had time and a target. That happens, and he's a fine QB, but it really exposes a weakness in this offense. The stats don't like -- it lives on the big yardage pass play. If he isn't connecting, then we don't drive the ball. Our best scoring drive all day was fuel by Pack penalties, and even then resulted in three.

Props of course to Mike Nugent. Three points a shot is still offense, and he's deadly from anywhere inside the 40, it seems.

Pittman is a spark. This kid deserves to play more, and runs like someone who wants to. I am dying to see him catch a pass in space to see what he does with it.

The WR screen to Hall was a nice wrinkle, and was an effective play. Hall brought some size to that, and you could see he was hard to bring down.

Bam is playing with the kind of heart a senior should have. I love seeing him catch the ball, because you know he's giving everything he has on that play. As excellent as Holmes is, Bam is one of the few guys you'll ever see who makes you believe that he can turn a three yard out into an 80 yard touchdown.

But otherwise, I was not really excited. Zwick was under more pressure than we've seen so far. He did well responding to it, but depending on the play, either the protection broke down or the receivers couldn't beat the coverage. Props to NCSU for playing some solid D, but that wasn't encouraging.

Then there's Ross. Man, we all want this guy to break out and have a solid senior year. Maybe it's the Joe thing. Maybe it's not. Maybe today was the worst rushing peformance I've ever seen from an Ohio State team. Maybe I need some sleep, but that's got to change. We have to be able to run the football, and run it well. Does anyone think that the rushing defenses we're going to see for the next eight games are going to be softer and easier? Even our good friends at the doormat Hoosiers have elevated their game a bit.

Count me in the "Start Pittman" camp officially.

I hope that wasn't too negative. I love our defense and our special teams, but I really think that the offense phoned this one in.
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We had less than 140 yards of total offense...totally unacceptable. The only reason why we won the game was because we got five takeaways. Zwick played fairly well, but missed a lot of open receivers. Brandon Shitgear was pathetic in blocking...I can't wait until Joe returns. The offensive line has not been as good as I had hoped. Ross ran like a kid going into a haunted house...totally tentative. The only really strong run he had was his TD run from about five yards out. The few carries Pittman had showed that he is as fast, quick, and powerful as Ross and is not at tentative...he attacks the opposition.

I do, however, feel optimistic about our future. Zwick will be more accurate...I love his potential. Pittman will start getting more carries. Joe will return. The OL will get better (although we've been hoping for this over the last two years). I hope today was just an anomaly and we explode at Northwestern.
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20-0 against Northwestern...I'd take it. I'll take a shut-out any day of the week. We haven't scored 30 against Northwestern in the past 2 years. I know a lot of fans want to see a big blow-out game so that we can feel confident in the offense...but it really doesn't make the team any better. The 600+ total offense output against Indiana last year didn't all of a sudden make Ohio State an offensive powerhouse. It was fun to see, but it just isn't going to happen that often under Tressel. We need a stout defense to win this Big-10...and I'd like to see them post a shutout or two. Tressel has proved that you don't need a big time offense...or even an offense at all to win.
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