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Observations from the barcalounger


was listening an ex-nfl defensive player on the radio last week......

he said that sam wyche had like 140 different offensive plays while at tampa bay and the team couldn't execute any of them....

however; montana and the 49ers ran like 14 plays...thats it...but they executed each one so well that you couldn't stop them....you knew what was coming and you couldn't do anything about it...

i think that is jt's goal...
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JT has often stated his goal is to be able to run a play successfully even if the defense knows what is coming.

If people would listen to JT's press conferences they wouldn't bitch and moan about the lack of offense, play calling, etc. He tells you exactly what he wants to do and why he does it.
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Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
Great point about the O-line Oh8ch

I was reading before how The O-line was zone blocking instead of drive blocking like some other teams (Minnesota, which has a pretty good run game). I don't think its the scheme anymore as much as its these young kids not communicating as well as they need too and also not sustaining blocks and/or missing blocks. Now on pass blocking they are doing pretty good. Run blocking always comes after some experience and it will come. This bye week could not of come at a better time and I think there will be a stark improvement in their assignments and sustaining blocks. These guys have so much potential though.
If anyone doesn't agree please enlighten me (not sarcastic, just always open to objections) ... thanks for any input . GO BUCKEYES !!!

:osu2: Spielman for President !!! :osu2:
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