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Sitting around in my underwear....
Just a quick update on their new album and a few other tidbits....

34TH & 8TH

We are excited to announce that the pre-sale for "34th & 8th" will begin on July 12th at MusicToday.com. "34th & 8th" features 2 live CDs (18 tracks with 2 songs that have not appeared on previous albums), as well as a bonus DVD. When pre-ordered through MusicToday, this 3-disc set comes in a limited edition, individually-numbered deluxe package. An exclusive "34th & 8th" t-shirt will also be available. Stay tuned for more details....


The Third Annual Feeling Better Than Everfine Festival is only 23 days away! In addition to a full day of live music, you will also want to check out the Everfine Village where a lot of great activities will be taking place...

O.A.R. Acoustic Set

O.A.R. will be opening the festival with a special acoustic performance so make sure to arrive early.


<B>Everfine Glide Backstage Contest (presented by Serpentini Chevy)

Anyone skilled enough to glide a Frisbee through a car window will receive $500 off the purchase of a new car at Serpentini, and 2 tickets to the Taste of Cleveland. Winners will also be entered in a drawing for backstage tour passes, and the opportunity to watch O.A.R.'s performance from the side of the stage.



Here's a track list for the new CD....

CD Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Dareh Meyod
2. About Mr. Brown
3. Wonderful Day
4. So Moved On
5. Black Rock
6. Missing Pieces
7. Ran Away to the Top of the World Today
8. Old Man Time
9. City On Down…Delicate Few

Disc 2

1. Right On Time
2. Someone in the Road
3. King of the Thing
4. Here’s To You
5. Toy Store
6. Whose Chariot?
7. Patiently
8. I Feel Home
9. That was a Crazy Game of Poker

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I haven't ordered it yet... I'm still debating. I'll get around to it one of these days. I'll be in Florida by the time it ships and we just found a place to rent so I will now have an address to have it sent to.
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I got my limited edition copy (#2994 of 6000) of 34th & 8th last week and was kinda disappointed. Marc's voice didn't sound all that great.

For me, the live disc of theirs to get it would be the Any Time Now double disc.

I did score a t-shirt and a bonus DVD by pre-ordering it, so it's not all bad.
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I didn't get the special addition so I picked mine up on Sunday at Best Buy. I think it's a good album. You can't go wrong with a 15 minute version of Crazy Game of Poker :) So Moved On, Old Man Time and Who's Chariot all sounded good. I think your right about Any Time Now being a better live disc.... 38th & 8th is still a album I can listen to over and over.

:banger: :banger:
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to each his own I guess. I started listening to them a few years ago becuase I'd hadn't heard anything like them before and really liked their sound. They are a great band live... you ever see them? I saw them a Summerfest last year in Milwaukee and thought they put on a really good show. Thier lyrics are about life, man so don't knock'em :wink:
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I wouldn't knock you for liking them, i'm not like that. I just thought they were a cheesy, frat type band. I don't get into DMB or anything like that, but to each his own. I'm more into songwriters and bands like that. Wilco/Ryan Adams/Frusciante.
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