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NW in OT against Indiana


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There's about 30 seconds left. It's 17-14 Indiana, and NW's kicker is about to try a FG. He's 0-2 today with 2 real shank jobs. This is the guy that missed 5 FG's in an OT loss to TCU and drilled 2 against us last week.

He just banked in thru off the upright.

Another OT for NW.
4th and 7 for NW. Maybe they'll run a WR screen.

Double OT. I missed the 4th down play since the Wiscy game started.

In 2nd OT, NW had 4th and 1 on the 16.

Simple option, guy went for the QB, pitch to Herron for easy TD

31-24 NW in middle of 2nd OT.

NW sack on 4th down, 2 OT wins in a row.
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