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Now this feels more like it..


I hate tsun
‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ
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A quick look at all the usual "experts" finds them all picking Wiksy to beat OSU.

In this case I can't neccessarily blame them, but hopefully it means we get back to our normal routine of proving them all wrong.

Last week NU had all the intangible stuff going for them. This week I feel that we do.
-Home win streak to protect
-Revenge from 2003 game
-Redemption from NU debacle
-Never lost 2 in a row under JT
-Mental and physical toughness are in question
-Coaches need to respond to being outcoached for the first time in 3+ years

I know Corso has made some stupid catch phrase about it(urgency and redemption), but whenever I see a game that looks to be pretty even the first thing I look for is who needs it more. This game is far bigger to OSU than Wisky.

This game makes or breaks our season, it test the players and coaches on a fundamental manhood level and its either pass or fail.

It won't be pretty but I think we pull this one off and start the slow process of salvaging this season.