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tBBC Now That The Dust Has Settled …


Now That The Dust Has Settled …
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(photo courtesy of www.nbc4i.com)

…the 2016 NFL Draft, held April 28th – 30th in Chicago, is now nearing two weeks old.

It is time to break it down …. At least act like we have some grand inside knowledge of the war rooms and present an analysis worthy of some of the greatest sporting minds available. ….let me cut to the chase … this information I am proceeding to is likened to the awakening of Rip Van Winkle. That’s what you will feel like … as if you totally missed the true comprehension of each Buckeye pick in this year’s Draft. Just as Ol’ Rip missed out on the Revolutionary War.

Shall we begin?

Let’s start from the top.


JOEY BOSA – DE – 3rd pick – 3rd overall – San Diego Chargers:

The Chargers defense is a 3-4 front. He won’t be starting in a stance in San Diego. He’ll have to play a stand up position. Can Bosa adjust? Please! This guy’s ability will adjust on the first snap. In the days leading up to the Draft Bosa ranged from being the #1 overall of the Titans to dropping all the way to 8th or 9th. Mock Drafts are fantasy football … we all want to be a part of something we can’t. Jeremiah Attaochu and Manti Te’o is the most promise on the Chargers defense …they need Bosa. Look for him to develop fast and furious. The Chargers got a prize in Joey Bosa and will grow more and more pleased as the seasons move on.

EZKIEL ELLIOTT – RB – 4th pick – 4th overall – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys got an early Christmas gift in Zeke. Jerry Jones and Tony Romo must be ecstatic. Not only did the Cowboys get the best Running Back in this year’s draft, but they got the best running back in many drafts past. Ezekiel Elliott is the real deal. He can run. He can catch. He can block. Elliott is soooo much better than DeMarco Murray who, not so long ago for the Cowboys, carried the ball for 449 times and gaining 2,200 yards. Look for an explosion in Dallas. Again I must reiterate …. Jerry Jones and Tony Romo MUST be ecstatic.

ELI APPLE – CB – 10th pick – 10th overall – NY Giants

So many things are said of this pick…such as the Giants were targeting Conklin of *ichigan State and Leonard Floyd of GA (both of whom went ahead of Apple). Regardless of what transpired for the Giants on the 10th overall pick they got a good corner. Eli Apple is big, strong, and fast. He sticks and rolls. And he smells the ball. Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves many thought would be off the board before Apple … the Giants didn’t think so. Eli Apple will be a pleasant surprise as he has come home (being a Jersey kid).

TAYLOR DECKER – OT – 16th pick – 16th overall – Detroit Lions

The 6-foot-8, 315-pound Decker is projected as a right tackle in part because he needs to improve his footwork in pass protection, and that is likely the position he will play as a rookie in the Motor City. The Lions made a smart decision here, not a glamour pick, but when was the last time you ever saw any type of glamour in Detroit? Taylor will be in Detroit for years to come.

DARRON LEE – OLB – 20th pick – 20th overall – NY Jets

At 6’1” and 232 lbs he ran a 4.47, 40. Darron plays sideline-sideline. He is strong and aggressive. Jet fans will love him. He plays defense the old fashion way. He will be an immediate impact for Gang Green.


MIKE THOMAS – WR – 16th pick – 47th overall – New Orleans Saints
The Buckeyes have a knack of developing great wide receivers’ … considering there isn’t any major aerial attack in Columbus. At 6’1” Thomas will show that he is NFL ready, instantly. He will have the great fortune of teaming up with future Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees. The Saints who needed everything on the Defensive side of the ball clearly went for the best WR left on the board for the Offensive-minded Sean Payton.
VONN BELL – FS – 30th pick – 61st overall – New Orleans Saints.
Urban Meyer said pre-Draft of Bell – “He has the skill set of a corner. How many safeties can cover a No. 2 receiver?” The Saints need help on the Defensive side of the ball. Vonn Bell was a smart choice. I am truly an advocate that Vonn will be the steal of the Draft. The Saints will be shining again.


ADOLPHUS WASHINGTON – DT – 17th pick – 80th overall – Buffalo Bills
At 6’3” and a big 301 lbs there isn’t many better at the moves this man has in his bag of tricks. Washington has a quickness that I feel should have placed him higher in this draft then this position … but perhaps it was the character thing going on. Regardless the Bills got a great pick here for the defensive minded Rex Ryan.

BRAXTON MILLER – WR – 22nd pick – 85th overall – Houston Texans
This pick pains me … whatever naivety I possess it was in Braxton Miller and thinking that the Bengals would taken him in the 2nd. Urban Meyer said it all “He has a great skill set. He was a back-to-back player of the year in the Big Ten. He’s a very elusive player and has top-end speed. He was a great teammate; elected captain for us.” But what needs to be added is this guy is good …flat out! Contrary to what the experts thought … Braxton will be a star in the NFL. And let us all watch as he does a little bit of everything in Houston.

NICK VANNETT – TE – 32nd pick – 94th overall – Seattle Seahawks
Just like Michael Thomas, Vannett did not have the luxury of catching passes at a QB aerial attack school. At 6’6” and 257 lbs he is indeed a target. It looks as if Vannett was picked here by the Seahawks as an insurance policy. Jimmy Graham is attempting a return from a serious injury (patellar tendon) and Luke Wilson is a free agent after the 2016 season. What Seattle does know is that Vannett is one of the best blocking TE’s in this Draft Class. He is strong and has a knack to catch pressure passes. The Seattle Seahawks chose their future TE here. It was smart.


JOSHUA PERRY – ILB – 4th pick – 102nd overall – San Diego Chargers
Perry is a well-rounded ILB with NFL-ready skills to slow the running game of the opposition. He brings strong value to the ‘D’. The Chargers are not in need of line-backing help, at least on paper to us experts. But the Chargers are making a statement here … perhaps they do need the help … or they are adding the competition to their roster… or they took the best player available on their board which in this case was Perry. I feel he will be star in their future. Ultimately it was a smart choice.

CARDALE JONES – QB – 41st pick – 139 overall – Buffalo Bills

The elements in Buffalo need a strong QB that can heave a strong pass. Cardale will provide this. Jones will prosper and develop here in Buffalo. Without question he will be a project, but as we learned here in Columbus Cardale is filled with pleasant surprises. With the futures of Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel in question look for ’12 Gauge’ to be the man sooner than later. I feel he is in the right place with the right coach. Jones will get his chance and what will be important is he will be given the chance to grow. I believe the Bills have found their best QB since Jim Kelly. Now understand I am not saying Cardale will be as great as Kelly (not saying that at all) but the Bills have found a QB who will play damn good football and their journey to look is now over.

Three players were not chosen: Chase Farris OG – Jalin Marshall WR – Tyvis Powell FS

CHASE FARRIS – OG – Detroit Lions.

Rejoining Taylor Decker can only be positive. The Lions are clearly looking to rebuild their line, or stock up. This may prove to be a wise signing.


I personally believe Jalin should have stayed one more year in Columbus … and I have to wonder if Jalin is a believer in that now too … but with that said he will be given a shot with the Jets. Watch for him to make the team. With hard work and a no-yield-to-anything attitude he will develop and quite likely be as grand in the ‘Big’s’ as he was in College.

TYVIS POWELL – FS – Seattle Seahawks

I personally thought Tyvis would have been taken in at least the 7th. But clearly the war rooms know more than me. I believe Powell will work hard and eventually make it in the NFL on some team’s roster. It just won’t be in Seattle – not even on Special Teams.

There it is! The after the dust has settled NFL Draft evaluation of the Buckeyes chosen or signed. Keep in mind this is the most comprehensive look through the crystal ball analysis available outside of Jeane Dixon’s crypt.

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