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Notes from the 04 season outlook


Serenity now

Downing, Schafer, and Barton are fighting for the starting RT spot. Whoever is 3rd will back up Sims at LT.

Datish will probably start at LG, with Kne at RG. Tyree will be the primary backup for both.

Caldwell and Stan White are fighting for the 2nd TE spot. Hoobler and Nicol will both supposedly provide depth.

Frost will be difficult to keep out of the DE rotation. Apparently he hasn't moved to TE (good move, imo).

Reggie Smith is also listed in the DE rotation. Apparently the rumors of him failing out are false too.

Patterson and Penton are expected to be the primary backups at DT.

Kerr is still mentioned prominently in the LB rotation. Interesting since he was supposed to have left the program according to an "insider."

No leader mentioned for the punting job. Huston, Trapasso, and Turano all mentioned.

No mention of kick or punt returners unfortunately.
I thought Frost was an excellent, quick looking DE in the Spr Gm. He seemed real athletic and was definitely one of the athletes that stuck out in my mind long after the game had ended. If he can take that big frame of his and wheel it around on offense, and way up in the air to snag grabs, then I'm all for it.

As with everything Ohio State: Coaches know best. I feel that we are so loaded with talent that it's ridiculous. I don't really worry about anybody going down because the next guy up has got to be special as well.
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