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Not sure if this has been mentioned:


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Troy Smith set the single game total yardage record for an Ohio State - Michigan game. Great job young man, and keep it going in San Antonio!
Yes...yes he did. And 3rd all time in any game I think. I think it was 3rd at least, behind Kern and Germaine...but don't quote me on that cuz i'm just pulling that out of my ass. Anyway...I think it was the single greatest performance in The Game at least during my lifetime.
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I thought he fell a yard short. I know they said he did during the telecast of the game...but I thought I heard later that officially he ended up short...not like it matters...he still was amazing.
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Troy's 145 rushing, 386 total offense fell just short of a couple of single game records for a Buckeye. Both records were Troy's to take, but the offense of course reverted to keep-away mode after Ginn's punt return sealed the deal.

Single game rushing by QB: Cornelius Greene, 146 (Wisconsin 1974)
Total offense: Art Schlichter, 412 (Florida State 1981)/Joe Germaine, 388 (Penn State 1997)
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MililaniBuckeye said:
Cornelius Greene had 146 yards against Wisconsin on Oct 12, 1974.

(edit) Damn you, Dryden...how dare you post while I was researching. :biggrin:

I've been looking at the record books this week to see where Smith, Ginn and Nuge fit in.

... and to think, we all missed the opportunity this year to see Lydell break the school's 70-year old record for fumbles in a game (11)! :biggrin:
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