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Non-BCS team to be eligible for the Rose Bowl?

this sucks

I've heard that if you sleep with whores, you're likely to catch something.

The whole BCS mess looks worse each year (with the exception of one great year). The Rose is sacred and having TCU in there would ruin it. The whole things a traveshamockery.

The Rose Bowl/Big Ten/Pac 10 should look at Major League baseball. They keep tinkering with tradition and it takes the luster and mystique off the game. The ghosts in Wrigley Field are shooed away by Spiderman basepads, playoffs and lights.

College football has that same rootedness in tradition that should not be shrugged off so lightly. It's what makes it soooo special. I doubt the ghosts in the mighty Rose Bowl still haven't returned after that special stadium was sullied by Trev's team from Nebraska and Kellen 'soldier boy' Winblow.

Anything for a quick buck I guess....maybe they'll put "HE HATE ME" on the backs of Penn State players next.


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Didn't everyone get the memo?

They're actually trying to turn the game into the "Granddaddy of not much in particular" :shake:

You mean no one else wants to see a WVU-TCU Rose Bowl?
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Non-BCS teams to get vacated bids

CHICAGO -- Some tweaking to the Bowl Championship Series rules gives greater access to the Rose Bowl to teams outside the six conferences with automatic BCS bids -- such as Utah.
"Under certain circumstances, they can play their way into the Rose Bowl, which hasn't been true in the past," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said Monday at Big Ten media day. "That's additional access. Standards have been, I think, lightened to access the BCS."
The Big Ten and Pacific-10 champions are contractually bound to play in the Rose Bowl unless one of those teams qualifies for the national championship game.
Starting with the 2010 season and running through the 2013 season, the first time the Rose Bowl loses one of its conference champions and a team from one of the non-automatic qualifying leagues earns a BCS bid, the Rose Bowl must take that team.
Since the BCS was implemented in 1998, a team from a conference outside the automatic qualifying leagues has never played in the Rose Bowl.

Entire article: BCS changes open Rose Bowl bids to outsiders - ESPN
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If it means OSU or USC playing a non-BSC, I'm happy, after this summer and certain politicians trying to get their grubby little hands on the glorious game that is college football I want to see them get killed, and OSU doesn't lose to lesser teams and USC doesn't lose in the Rose Bowl
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jimotis4heisman;1505647; said:
so if a pac 10 or big 10 (11) team makes the championship team they play (1) a non bcs school who has qualified for the bcs or (2) "traditional" match up as selected by the rose committee?

If the Big Ten or Pac Ten Champ ends up #1 or #2 in the BCS, and a team from a conference like the Mtn West or the WAC qualifies for an automatic BCS bid, the Mtn West/WAC team goes to the Rose Bowl, since the Big Ten/Pac Ten team will be in the BCS Title Game (even if it's 2013, the season the Rose Bowl hosts the Title Game a week after the regular Rose Bowl).

But it looks like this will only happen once in the 4-year period from the post-2010 bowls to the post-2013 bowls, if it happens at all.

At the present time, the MtnWest/WAC team just has to be in the top-12 of the BCS standings, or be in the top-16 and be ranked ahead of one of the automatic bid teams from one of the 6 BCS Conferences.

So if these are the final BCS standings:

1. USC (Pac Ten)
2. Texas (Big 12)
3. tOSU (Big 10)
4. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
6. Florida (SEC)
7. VaTech (ACC)
16. Utah
17. Pitt (Big East Champion)

The BCS Title game is USC-Texas, and tOSU would play #16 Utah in the Rose Bowl, rather than #4 Oklahoma or #5 ND, and the Rose Bowl would have no choice in the matter.

Seriously, who agrees to stuff like this? I guess Jim Delany did.
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I don't see what the big deal is about at this point. The damage to the tradition is already done. This doesn't dilute the tradition any more than it already has been. In this decade we've seen Miami (FL), Oklahoma, Texas & Nebraska all in the Rose Bowl. That's not tradition.

And if you're worried about quality, what about all the the rules & quirks in the system that gave Rose Bowl berths to the team that hadn't been there the longest (who were only in that position in the first place because one or two conference powers were rotated off their schedule)? What about the recent instances where the Big Ten has sent it's second best team to the slaughter against USC because it's best team was in the NC game? Ohio State has fielded some of the best teams the Big Ten has had to offer, yet in my lifetime the conference has sent stiffs like Northwestern, Iowa & Illinois to Pasadena while the Buckeyes have somehow only made it there twice.
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Lets jut say for the sake of argument this year is 2010, USC finally doesn't reload like normal and Cal ends their 7 year run atop the P10. lets also say either OSU/PSU made it to the NC game.

We could very well be looking at a Cal vs Utah/Boise/TCU Rose Bowl.

Sorry but I'm too old for that to not bother me.
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i dont get this

why is the Rose Bowl singled out? it should be spread...the real travesty is that the team that will be taken only has to finish in the top 12.

that means a team in the bcs who finishes 11 and probably had a much harder schedule will be skipped for those mid tier good teams.
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