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Nobody is giving Wisky any love!!!


I have watched at least a quarter of every Wisconsin game this year. I cannot believe nobody thinks they will run at the B10 title. This team reminds me of the 2002 Buckeyes. They have the best runningback and best defense in the B10 hands down.

With Anthony Davis in the line-up we see how much more productive they are on offense. He racked up over 200 yards this weekend. He will have over 100 this wekend no doubt.

I have watched their defense and all I can say is damn!!!!! Their defense is as good or better than NCSt. Their DE's are the best in the country and their secondary is very good. Michigan lucked out by not playing these guys but Purdue is not so fortunate.

This team is well coached and while they aren't putting up 42 points a game they are kicking peoples asses physically. Every team including Purdue will be washing the jersey of their QB after he gets sacked 5 or 6 times by their DE's.

I would not write the Badgers off anytime soon. Hopefully we beat them this weekend. I think they are better than Minnesota and Purude. Hopefully they are not better than the Buckeyes.
I agree. I am shocked that Ohio State opened as a 4 point favorite. My line on this game would be a pick'em. This is do or die for OSU though...I think Wisky can lose this game and still win the Big 10.
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