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"No soldier left behind" doesn't refer to civilians


So, 4 people basically get butchered and as far as we know, their bodies are still strung up on some bridge. Uh, excuse me, but aren't we supposed to be running that country. Didn't some military idiot say 2 days ago, that conditions were too dangerous for the military to enter the city? I guess that explains why we can't catch Osama. Heck, we can't even catch common criminals in a country we are supposedly running. Shameful.
I believe we are trying to get them to run their own country. It is going to be a difficult process after 20-30 years of a dictators rule. Especially in a part of the world with little education and constantly battling religious factions. This does not mean it should not be done. It is not a short term fix. See early American history and notice it took awhile for us to run our own country.

Tibor, The last time I checked we have a hell of a lot of criminals running around here in the good ole U S of A that have not been apprehended. Let's not forget the rest of the world dealing with an all encompassing array of nut cases. Check your false expectations at the door.

OK the world is right, I disagree with tibor.

There should have been an immediate effort to recover the bodies. Does that mean I am agreeing with you again? Probably not since it would be foolish to immediately risk anymore lives until the situation can be controlled.

While this very inappropriate to say on my part after seeing the images of the descecration of the bodies and the celebration by the locals I was wishing we had a cruise missile to spare.
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It is time to fight back. I think that whille trying not to attack "civillians" who are attacking our military is a nice idea, this is going too far. If they want to lob grenades at us, then they should be ready to accept the consequenses when we shoot back.

However, you just know that the first time we kill one of these "civillians" we'll be the bad guy, and get hammered for killing innocent people. Yeah, innocent my ass.

Oh, and the Democrats will use that to attack Bush....
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