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No charges filed in Colo. football probe


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
No charges filed in Colo. football probe

By Judith Kohler, The Associated Press

DENVER — Colorado's attorney general decided against criminal charges Tuesday in nine alleged sexual assaults involving Colorado football players, blaming evidence concerns and the reluctance of women to go forward with the cases. Attorney General Ken Salazar, tapped as a special prosecutor by Gov. Bill Owens at the height of the recruiting scandal in February, said a "thorough review" by his task force resulted in a unanimous decision against charges.

The decision was "based upon evidentiary considerations and-or the expressed wishes of some victims not to be subjected to the criminal justice process," Salazar said.

Salazar, who did not immediately return a call seeking comment, said the probe would remain open. The task force will also continue its investigation concerning other potential criminal matters involving the Colorado football team and its recruiting program.

The university and a Board of Regents panel are also investigating allegations that sex and alcohol were used to entice recruits to the Boulder campus. At least eight women had accused football players or recruits of rape since 1997, though no criminal charges were filed.

There was no immediate explanation for the ninth case referred to by Salazar.

Three of the women have sued the school in federal court, saying its failure to rein in the athletes contributed to their rapes in 2001. They claim the rapes constituted a hostile environment for women in violation of federal laws guaranteeing equal access to education. They are seeking unspecified damages and sweeping changes at the school.

Football coach Gary Barnett has been suspended with pay for comments he made about at least one of the women.