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Nike: 7 on 7 Football League


Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
Nike set to launch national 7-on-7 football league in five major cities

Nike is well into launching a national seven-on-seven league, CBS Sports has learned, that has the potential to further change the face of recruiting, NCAA enforcement and college football.

That's mostly because it's Nike that's doing it.

Part of the new Nike initiative includes a sponsorship deal with Marriott and possibly a similar deal with an airline to transport players, according to a source.

Players would be required to pay up to at least $1,000 to participate. A team of approximately 25 players would spend their offseason practicing and playing in two tournaments.

Five cities are involved: San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Kansas City.

Future plans may include junior-high, junior varsity and varsity teams all under the Nike banner, according to that source.

A request for comment from Nike was not returned to CBS Sports.

“The world has changed,” said former shoe executive Sonny Vaccaro. “There are no more virgins. The virginity is over now.”

In a week in which Ohio State signed a 15-year marketing deal with Nike and the Ivy League's Yale signed on with Under Armour, perhaps we shouldn't blink at growing corporate influence.

Entire article: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefoo...nch-a-national-seven-on-seven-football-league